weekly photo challenge – rather (random)

“If your computer speaks English,
it was probably made in Japan.”
Alan Perlis

What I rather want to be ??!!!! Loads of things … but I think just now I would love to be back in Japan. Now when Sakura (Cherry Blossom) start to peak – so amzing beautiful, but Japan is a lot more than cherry blossoms. I miss their warm toilet seats too. *smile


11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – rather (random)

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  2. So many great images, Vivi! A place you lost your heart to. (another one 🙂 🙂 ) The music took me by surprise because I usually leave the sound off (Mick always has the radio on and it clashes 🙂 ) but it goes very well. I hear you are sending us some more cold, wintry weather. 😦 The wind has arrived. 🙂 🙂 Sending snuggly warm hugs!

    • Yes, I lost my heart to Japan already in 1978!! Took me many years to return, thinking about Japan now the cherry blossom is at their peak.
      Windy here too!!! And a cold wind. KeepWarmHug.

    • Tina, yes … the small pink girls – adorable .. and there were small adorable blue boys in the group too. I choose the girls for this gallery. Thanks for your visit.

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