travel diary – belfast on a plate

Belfast is a very exciting city in more than one way …. but when it comes to restaurants, bars, and cafes it’s exceptional, one of the best in Europe. I have never had a bad meal in Belfast and I have been to some grease spoons too.

Every year I come back there is a new star on the gastronomic Belfast sky.

Good friends of mine, Cheryl, and David … that I got to know through my work – they own the very successful photo studio – The Studio! We used them for all our food shots that we used in the UK operation.

Today they more or less only do food shots and they have got some big heavy customers. Two years ago they decided to invest in a cookery book about the best restaurants in Belfast and were very successful – they won the gold medal in their category, the world’s best cookery book and they collected their prize in China.

© – Cheryl & David with all book chefs

Last year when I visited we couldn’t meet up because they were away working, but now in January, they had time for a nice evening with great food at one of the restaurants illustrated in their book. One of my favourites; “The Ginger Bistro”

The Ginger Bistro
68/72 Great Victoria Street
Belfast – BT2 7AF
Phone: 028 9024 4421
Head Chef; Simon McCance
Reservation a must!!!!

It has been around for 18 years now and been a very cosy small restaurant, always fully booked – now they have expanded and still very busy. Ginger is now recognized as one of Belfast’s finest, multi-award-winning restaurants.


“Ginger Bistro” servers straightforward food that is so tasty and well prepared – no fluffing or playing around. My type of food. 

The only minus is that it’s very dark ( very cozy) – so Oscar was really struggling with the food shots. So I have to turn to Google and not even there was there any food images good enough to use, so it is Oscar’s work here.

My choice for the evening was:
Warm Salad of Baby Potato, Chorizo, Mozzarella, Pesto & Red Peppers
Fillet of Haddock ‘Chip Shop Style’ with Chips, Peas & Tartare Sauce
Individual Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce & Ice Cream

Cheryl, and David – are like me … they love to travel when work allows them, so we had 2 years of travel adventure to fill our evening together with. And as a fantastic memory of our evening, I got a signed copy of their cookery book. A hearty thank you for the fantastic evening and brilliant evening, Cheryl & David! See you next year!!!

I have been to quite a few of the restaurants represented in the book, but there are loads left for me to “work through”.

When it was time to leave the grey cold day … had turned into a very wet evening. 

My lovely girlfriend Gina!!!! Last year we missed out on our yearly date – I think it was because unhealthy in the family, can’t remember. But this time we had our date and we have never a dull moment when we are together. Too much talking going one.

Gina picked the venue and … she booked a table at “Coppi”. Also to be found in “Belfast on a Plate” – my first visit, so it was very exciting.


Coppi Restaurant
Unit 2 Saint Anne’s Square
Cathedral Quarter
Belfast BT1 2LR
Phone: 028 9031 1959
Head Chef: Toni O’Neill
Reservation necessary (booking can be done from their website)



A big minimalist restaurant that was PACKED!!!! It has an industrial feel to it. No ruffles or soft sofas, but a very high buzz …. because of the volume of guests, loved it – but very dark so Oscar had to stay in the bag and I have used images from their website.


We started off with a mix of their “Cichetti” – could probably call it Italian tapas – that we shared. Really good choice and so tasty, they have 12 different Chichetti to choose from to a price of £3.50/€43.95/$4.80/40.00SEK.


For my main, I went for a ravioli;  Duck Rague with Porcini Mushroom Ravioli, Parmesan & Truffle – all I can say is “WOW”!!! Ravioli is something I rarely order when dining out or any pasta. Ravioli is something I would never make for myself at home neither. This was fantastic so well balanced in flavors … so smooth.

As the grand finale, we both ordered Amaretto & Orange Caniollis with Chocolate Fudge Dip – so heavenly as it sounds … but no image to be found.


And we finished off a full bottle of Argento Malbec – a great Argentinan red. Can’t remember when I shared a full bottle of wine. Always order by the glass those days.

Gina and I always have a brilliant time together, even when we talk on the phone … and this time we were collected and brought home by her lovely partner Tim, that I haven’t met for years – because he is always working. I just love Tim!!!! He is so cheeky and boyish!!!!

©from Gina’s F&B page

Gina is one of the most beautiful women I know … she still looks like 40 … but goes on 60. I don’t know what her secret is, maybe Tim has a part in it .. because he is younger than her.

I got a fantastic scarf from Gina – a blessing in this Siberian winter wind we are struggling with just now. LOoOOooove it,  so soft and warm. Thank you so much, Gina!

Great evenings, fantastic company …. outstanding food = Belfast’s best on a plate. Can’t wait for next years visit – more plates and catching up.

“Dinner is not what you do in the evening before something else.
Dinner is the evening.”
Art Buchwald

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18 thoughts on “travel diary – belfast on a plate

  1. Lovely, lovely – as usual – your adventures. I guess you are back home now – should have met up, shouldn’t we. Too lousy weather and a cold, though. Maybe May?

  2. Belfast has so much opening at the moment the food and drink scene is flourishing! I work in Belfast and live too close haha all my money goes on food and drink! Next time try Muddlers club, Ox or Edo they are a few of my favourites. Coppi also just opened up a new middle eastern inspired restaurant in the same square called Bubba also give that a try 🙂

    • I lived in Belfast for 10 years .. when the city started to develop the fantastic scene it’s today. Muddlers Club is on top of my list for my visit in May next year. Ox I been to, very good and been for years. EDO I will add to the list too. Will have 5 evenings of dining adventures. CoCo is one of my favourite places too plus the do the best Mojitos in town. Molly’s Yard is another restaurant I’m going to enjoy in May. I’m a retired chef … so food and wine are very close to my heart. I miss Belfast a lot. Fantastic city with fantastic people. Thank you so much for the visit and for giving me some new ideas. Bubba … lunch maybe. Hope to see you around.

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