a musical vip evening with a view

…. have been under the duvet since I returned from my UK and Ireland tour, they call it the B-flue. Still not fully okay, but getting there. *smile

My 12 days visit in Belfast, Stranraer, and Dublin … was just fantastic – had plenty catching up and meeting up with people that I left behind in April 2009, when I moved back to Sweden after 20 years in UK and Ireland. 

On my way from Scotland to Dublin – I got an extra fantastic evening in Belfast together with my “old” boss and some of my “boys” – not at all planned. Just happened. 

An afternoon visit at their management meeting was planned, but when my boss realized that I was staying overnight in Belfast, before going down to Dublin – he invited me to join him, the managers and his family to a concert at Odyssey Complex in Stena Line’s VIP box. I accepted without hesitation. 

Belfast was nearly fully booked (because of the concert), hard to find a pillow that didn’t clean out the bank account … but I found a little lovely B&B for £49.00 in the University area, Harpers. 

When I asked the taxi driver about the concert he told me that his teenage daughter loves the band, The Script. Never heard about the band – but …. what a show. The Script are an Irish rock band formed in 2001 in Dublin.

Danny O’Donoghue – lead vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar
Mark Sheehan – lead guitar, vocals
Glen Power – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Benjamin Sargeant – bass, backing vocals
Paul Inder – guitar, bass (studio)
Rodney Alejandro – piano, keyboards

Not a U2-fan …. but I have become a The Script-fan. 

And an evening in fantastic company, amazing view, great music …. great coolers and eatable food. 

On the airport bus down to Dublin the following morning, there was quite a few that had been to the concert and I talk to one of the ladies – she lives in Dublin and was going to see the concert in Dublin too, 2 days later. 

Lovely to see you all and thanks a brilliant evening – and I’m already looking forward to next year visit. 

“Sometimes we don’t learn from our mistakes.
Sometimes we’ve no choice but to walk away.”
The Script, The End Where I Begin





17 thoughts on “a musical vip evening with a view

  1. Waaaaa! What a concert experience for you, Vivi. I listened to some of The Script’s songs when I was in school. They are quite a big band. So lucky of you to get treated to the VIP box 😁 These shots both near and far are amazing. Just wow and you certainly captured the atmosphere of the show. Also are you in the last photo? Get well soon ❤

    • Funny, that I never heard about them before … they have been around for about 20 years. Have listen to them since I came home … really great songs and I like their lyrics.
      Their concert was very powerful too.
      Yes, I’m in the last photo … the oldest in the picture. *smile – but those “boys” kept me young. *smile
      Oscar liked them too … got some really good images from the show.
      I wish you a pleasant weekend.

      • It really is amazing, your images and I’m guessing you took them all with your small camera that you told us previously. Great skills 🙂

        Oldest in photo? More like the strongest one still standing 🙂

      • It was Oscar that was with me … otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get all the close up images.
        Thank you so much for you kind words … yes, still standing – maybe not the strongest. *smile

  2. I have only heard the name – never listened to their music – but will do! You had a great time as usual! Now you get well, Viveka, soon. Some big whiskeys?

    • I really like their music … specially the lyrics – it was a very powerful show they put on.
      Don’t drink whisky …. and booze aren’t the top of my list just now.
      March it’s time for a date!!!!!????

  3. Härligt att bli överraskad med en konsert som dessutom var bra. Tack o lov att du mådde bra då du var på Irland och kunde njuta av din resa.

    • Ja, the Script vara fantastisk bra och shown mycket stark. Vaknade på avresedagen med ont i halsen, så jag hade tur. En av de bästa återbesöken jag gjort. Otroligt troligt – ett äventyr varje dag.

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