candle light diner for one – trezo, kraków

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It was because of the recommendation from the handsome and well dressed young men at the reception at my hotel and the short walking distance in the rain and wind. All 3 of them recommended “TREZO”. Locate more a less only across the street in the Jewish Quarters.

I had passed the restaurant during my stroll earlier in the day, located in one of the few modern buildings in the area – but I never gave it a thought about that it was the restaurant I was booked in for the same evening. Fairly busy for lunch.

©Oscar image

When it was time for me to leave for the restaurant around 7.45pm it was raining with a quite gusty wind. During the day it only had been heavy grey. I borrowed one of the hotel’s posh umbrellas – they had loads, but still I became a bit wet after the 5 minutes walk.


Miodowa 33, Kazimierz
31-052 Kraków
Phone: +48 12 374 50 00
Opening hours: every day 12–10 PM
Dress code; casual smart

Cuisine: Polish, Eastern European and Central European in a modern twist.

TripAdvisor #7 of 1,360 Restaurants in Kraków

©Oscar image

I got a very warm and friendly welcoming. A  stylish restaurant with stone walls & trendy contemporary decor. Rustic and elegant at the same time. It was on two levels with tables under street level too. I really liked what I had entered into.


But the table they were going to seat me wasn’t for me, so after a little begging, I got a table with seating in a comfortable sofa, with a wall behind my back. At my first table, I would have staff running back and forward with drinks and food behind my back.

It happens sometimes that because I’m a solo diner I will be given the less appealing seats and awkward tables, hopefully, it’s not because I’m a solo FEMALE diner????!!!!

Happen twice in Kraków. Not good start of the evening, but both restaurants corrected their mistakes and gave me a great a table. A solo dining lady should have the best table, a rule in my book.

©Oscar image

My waiter was very pleasant, attentive and entertaining … he brought my vodka & tonic with a lovely smile.

The table setting was very nice with a real napkin, and candle. At the start, the restaurant had very good lighting which I like, I want to see the food that is put in front of me. But it didn’t even last until my starter arrived, because when the live music started … I was having a candlelight dinner with myself and the restaurant more or less dark and only lite with the candles. Very romantic … but a bit too dark for me.

So that meant that Oscar didn’t have a living chance, so I put him back in the handbag.

© (Trezo’s profile)

My menu for the evening:
Blinis with steamed smoked trout, preserved lemon, sour cream, trout caviar, shallots, parsley

Lamb Rump Steak with Chermoula, carrot cymes with plums from Szezyryec, mint glace

Poppyseed Shortbread Apple Pie served with Zabaione-Marsala wine ice cream.

My starter was beautifully presented and very tasty, to steam the smoked trout was a very smart thing to do because it made the smokiness rounded. A really nice starter.


The lamb rump steak was Sous Vide cooked, which I was a bit reserved against … but the lamb was served perfectly cooked. Not a fan of Sous Vide cooked food (cooked in a plastic bag), but it was a very popular way to prepare dishes in Poland. Always stated on the menus. It is a delicate way to cook … but it can go so wrong if the seasoning isn’t right. But what on my plate was flavourful and aromatic.

That apple pie …. the BEST I ever have eaten!!!! I have eaten many bad apple pies during my days in the UK, so I’m a bit reluctant to order it. My waiter recommended it … and my taste buds were singing. What a fantastic finale to a really great dinner.


I’m a little upset that the restaurant was so dark because I would have loved to share the delicious dishes that I was presented with you.

Neither is there any images online of their beautiful and tasty dishes … that I can use for this post.

A very popular restaurant, only 2 free tables free on the street level where I was seated … was never down the stair, so I don’t know how busy they were there. Beside me was a big table with some French and local customers (friends) having a great and tasty evening too.


“TREZO” have a very well-assorted wine list, mostly French and Italian, but also Argentinian and Polish … and for all budgets. I can’t remember what I had to drink, but both the white and red was very good. I think I was recommended an Italian white by my waiter … and that I went for a Spanish red (can’t the receipt).

©Oscar image

“TREZO” is really worth an evening if you are visiting Kraków, it is one of the most popular restaurants with high standard on both service and food, but with a little less dimmed lighting during the live music performance it would become even more pleasant.

I have to admit that the live music performance is a very nice touch to … a candlelight dinner.

My evening cost me 187PLN/€46/£40/$56/453SEK – but it also cost the hotel one umbrella because so soon I came outside the restaurant and folded up the umbrella the wind caught it … and that was it.

“Life is a restaurant, in the end, you just pay the bill.”
Deyth Banger





13 thoughts on “candle light diner for one – trezo, kraków

  1. I also share your sentiments about dining as a solo female diner – that we must get the best seat! Sometimes I have no choice but to eat alone outside (not that I mind at all, do not mind eating alone at all and I enjoy my own company). There have been many times when I’ve been seated at the entrance or at table that is sort of in the way of the walkway or up at the bar. Of the times I’ve dined at a restaurant at odd hours, I usually get to choose where I want to sit.

    Who is Oscar? I am guessing Oscar is your camera 🙂 I also like good lighting in a restaurant. Sure candlelit can be romantic but I am always there to enjoy the food first and foremost. I’d much rather have bad music playing than having a meal taste bad in my mouth 😀

    So good to hear you had a good apple pie. A good one is certainly hard to come by. The pastry has got to be just right, not drowned out and soggied by the apple juices. And you don’t want the apple to be too sour.

    Poor umbrella. I hope the hotel didn’t make you pay for it. Lovely write up, and you make a simple meal sound like such a great adventure 🙂

    • Hi there, Mabel … I’m like you – I don’t mind eating alone. I always point out that I’m a solo nice Swedish lady when I book, maybe I shouldn’t tell them. In Sweden, Germany, and US … never a problem with getting good seating. I always reject the table if I don’t like it. Have been placed a couple of times by the kitchen entrance at first, but not a chance I will accept it.
      You’re right Oscar is my camera *smile
      The hotel had a whole stand full of umbrellas … so they were okay with it. It looked very posh, but it wasn’t in a very sturdy make. No, I didn’t have to pay for it.
      I totally agree with you about the music and the food. The music was very nice, but why turn more or less all light off?? But it’s not the first restaurant I been eating in with bad lightning.
      Thank you so much for the kind words about my “write up”. Have a lovely Sunday.

      • Ooooh. So you had the guts to reject solo tables if you don’t like them – and hopefully no restaurant were sour at your choice. I always just put up with it :/

        Haha, maybe the restaurant thinks less lights, more romantic, more relaxed. I don’t know about that at all since I like bright lights over trying to fumble my way in the dark. You have a lovely Sunday too, Vivi 🙂

      • Mabel, I have learned to reject through all my solo travelling … If the restuarants goes sour it’s their problem. Why should I have to eat by the table that nobody else want, because I’m dining alone.
        Maybe the restaurants want us to fumble at the tables. *smile – I wish you a lovely weekend … from Scotland

  2. I don’t mind eating alone – good opportunity for people watching (and listening!) but yes, a good table is a must. I also agree re candlelight – I really like to see what I’m eating 🙂

  3. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    it looks absolutely spectacular and the meals look yummy.
    I think I shouldn’t look at your posts at night time. They always make me hungry.
    I hope you are doing well?
    Many duvet hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Dia, thank you so much … I’m doing great. Just spend a 4 nights in Belfast and now visit my dearest friends over in Scotland. Next week a couple of days in Dublin, so I can’t complain. Have lovely sunny weather over here in Scotland, Belfast offered 3 seasons in 4 hours. Be good to yourself. Big Breakfast Hug.

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