decision taken – everything booked (tbilisi, georgia)

…. I will be spending Christmas in Tbilisi, Georgia!!! And I’m sOOoOOOo excited.

Everything booked now – I just felt I had to make my mind up. Baku has to wait.

During my stay in Kraków I watched CNN news one evening and there was a travel feature about just Tbilisi and I fell in love sitting on my there on my hotel-bed.

@ Photo by Badri Vadchkoria

When it came to airlines there was a couple that had a reasonable connection from Copenhagen – Baltic Air was cheapest – the total travel time was up to 13 hours. Then there was LOT airline, Polish. Great airline and I really like Warsaw airport, but with the baggage fee it came more expensive and 5 hours waiting time is a bit too much for me. So it came down to Turkish Airlines, that is a fantasti carrier. Outstanding service and great food aboard on all flights plus there the baggage is included, 30 kilos even on short-haul.


The total time is 8 hours each way with about 2 hours at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, a bit of a melting pot at times, but I have gone used to it. My flight is also in the evening and connecting flight after midnight.

The price for the flight came to 3650SEK/€271/£328/$454 – very reasonable for the long flight.

I also made up my mind about were I will be staying – it looks absolutely lovely, have booked through – my favorite hotel site for most of the world – but for Asia, I use

Boutique Villa Mtiebi, has 9 rooms and 1 suite in total, located in the old part of the city, in short, walking distance to all the major landmarks.

This small hotel is in a renovated 19th century building in a quiet area of the Old Town. It has only nine rooms, all of which surround a large central courtyard. The rooms are spacious, with wooden furniture and elegant beds with orthopaedic mattresses. A balcony running around the atrium accesses the rooms on the first floor and a translucent roof covers the whole space, so it is light and airy even in the winter. Lots of potted plants add to the feeling of an indoor garden. There is no restaurant, but breakfast is served in the courtyard. (text: “In Your Pocket”)

In Georgia, they celebrate Christmas on 7th of January. HUuUUuurray! But it looks like they do the Christmas lights for December. So life goes on like normal.

So what is there to see in Tbilisi???!!! On my do it list I have so far:

  • Old Town with cobblestones and colorful houses.
  • Rustaveli Avenue
  • Freedom Square (Liberty Square)
  • Station Square
  • Didube Station (farmer market)


  • Bridge of Peace & Rike Park
  • Sulfur Baths (going to rent my own bath house)

    Bank of Georgia

  • Bank of Georgia HQ
  • Metro (the stations suppose to have beautiful decors.

  • Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater
  • Dry Bridge Flea Market
  • “Galleria Tbilisi” for maybe some serious shopping – I’m allowed 30 kilos.

plus all churches, synagogues and other monuments.

Street safety in Tbilis is on leval – 8 …. so safer than Landskrona, I guess. Safety walking alone during daylight – 91.11 Very High / Safety walking alone during night – 78.52 High. I love doing walkabouts after my dining.

The currency in Georgia is lari (1 GEL= €0.28/£0.28/$0.39/3.17SEK) – and there is ATM everywhere – loads of places don’t accept credit cards … and if they do it can only be used with pin.

restaurant pur

And of course, I have checked in loads of potential dining adventures.

I only have the airport transfer to book, quite a few options.

Daily low temperatures in December decrease by -15C/5°F, from +1C/34°F to -2c/29°F, rarely falling below -6C/21°F or exceeding +5C/41°F, but most of all I hope I will have a white Christmas 2018.

@Photo by Gia Chkhatarashvili

Admit this looks fantastic and very tempting?????!!!!

“I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”
Mae West

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