travel diary, kraków – day 1 … wet and grey


After a very good night sleep … I enjoyed a very delightful breakfast – the hotel had a fantastic spread on, even “champagne” on the buffet. Freshly baked bread and rolls, smoked salmon, freshly squeezed juice … my favorite became the carrot juice. Plus there was a choice of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and omelets to order included.  All your breakfast needs were there and lot more. Great coffee too.

It wasn’t a day I was looking forward to taking on, because of the weather … but I was excepting it, had checked the weather forecast at home, so I had packed my protection: rain jacket and all-weather boots.

So around 10.30am I started my day and it became a bit wet, but I survived it.

Started off walking along Dietla Street down to Vistula River (The queen of Polish rivers) – and there I saw Kościół Na Skałce ( the Church on the Rock). A magnificent building and it wasn’t possible to pass it without visiting it.

The first thing I came to was this monument that I can’t find any details about, I could have taken a shot of the placard by the side entrance to the church grounds.

The most impressive stairs lead up to the church entrance – inside the church was quite humble, not that spectacular. But not all churches have to be spectacular to be beautiful.

There is also a statue dedicated to Pope John Paul II just by the stairs. This church was the site of pilgrimages of Polish kings.  Officially called the Church of St. Michael Archangel and St. Stanislaw the Bishop and Martyr, or the Church of Pauline Fathers, is one of the oldest and best-known temples in the city of Krakow and has been since the late XIII century.

Still raining as I left the church and I strolled along in the Old Jewish quarters – looking for some street art and I found some. For some reason do I have difficulties with understanding maps in Poland!!!??? And I had put down a lot of work to get the directions.

Suddenly I was on ul. Starowiślne, one of the main streets and on my way up to Christmas market.The market was wet-wet too … even the horse carriages were standing still. I felt both sorry for the horses and myself.

Not much people around, I had a walk around, bought some Christmas ornaments for my friend in Dublin. Struggling to take any shots because the lens was getting wet the whole time, so I went shopping at Rossmann’s and after that, I enjoyed a fantastic burger at Moaburger.

Went for a lamb burger; spiced lamb patty, feta cheese with fresh mint, hot chili sauce, beetroot, tomato relish, rocket, red onion, tomato, mayo. Fries are not automatically included in Poland – so an add-on.

They were a bit messy to eat because the bun was far too big … so I couldn’t see where the burger was, but it was very good and I had hand wipes with me. A place I recommend when visiting Kraków. Not directly on the main square, on  Mikołajska 3, and most guests were local.

Back at the hotel I went down to the SPA and got a 60 min Swedish massage, it was SO painful … so I needed it BADLY.  I haven’t had a massage since Sopot in May 2015. My young and very talent masseur was worried that I will write on Tripadvisor that the treatment was painful. *smile –  such delightful young lady.

After the treatment, I got a good nap .. and the dinner I had at a very nice restaurant, recommended by one of the handsome young men in the hotel’s reception. TREZO  – 5 min walk from the hotel, perfect distance when the evening is wet and windy.

To TREZO will I come back to.

I borrowed one of the hotel’s umbrellas, but it had a very short lifespan – as I came out from the restaurant going back to the hotel, the wind took a grip of it and that was it.

The evening before Christmas Eve and the streets where empty … not a car in sight on the other so busy ul. Dietla. Maybe it was because of the weather .. or maybe it was that Kraków had gone into Christmas mood. 

“There is a certain unique and strange delight
about walking down an empty street alone.”
Sylvia Plath

13 thoughts on “travel diary, kraków – day 1 … wet and grey

  1. I absolutely love Na Skalce, Vivi! I’ve been there in all weathers. It felt like I was following you down those streets, and I often get lost in Krakow. I know where things are but it’s easy to get disorientated around Rynek Glowny. Thank you for the postcard. It arrived yesterday. It was absolutely pouring here and we went to see the Star Wars film, for old times’ sake. 🙂 🙂 The walls and the Barbican are interesting areas too- for ‘next’ time. Sending brand new 2018 hugs!

    • I didn’t to much walking around Rynek Glowny, because all streets looked the same to me. I did an afternoon walk, love the lights. I have to take on the walls next time. I’m sure I missed a lot, but still I manage to see a lot.
      Star Wars are not really my thing … I haven’t been to the cinema for ages, there haven’t any film that captured my imagination. *smile
      Glad the card arrived!

  2. Ah, looks gorgeous as usual! Well composed – as usual again. And I laughed a bit at your hint of Polish maps…Love that horse-and carriage shot.

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