travel dairy, kraków … to get there

For me is Christmas what it’s … it has its highlights, but it has more cons – so for Christmas, I escaped to Kraków, but that wasn’t really to escape Christmas it was more like diving straight into it. It didn’t hurt that much but there were moments I just had enough.

I had given myself an early start because I thought that Copenhagen airport was going to be packed on the Friday before Christmas. So I left Landskrona on the 7.22am train … it arrived on time 8.13. No hiccups on the way … not a lot of passengers.

Kastrup Airport was quite quiet – not a lot people, so I was there before the check-in had open … had to wait for about 20 min and I was the first check-in. Security check went very smooth … loads of lanes open.

A total of 12.1 million passengers have rated 395 airports worldwide in the Skytrax international survey of passenger satisfaction, and the conclusion is clear: Copenhagen Airport has the world’s best and most friendly security process.

Enjoyed my usual breakfast at the Lagkagehuset: large cappuccino, carrot-orange juice, ham & cheese ciabatta and a mineral water … this time I added a Danish pasty too.

I was flying with Lot Airlines, with a change of flight in Warsaw. I didn’t mind because I really like Chopin Airport. Not so big and great offers for a couple of hours to kill.

In Warsaw, I had time for a great Ceasar Salad at my favorite waterhole, The Flame. They serve great food, quick service and I love their “healthy cocktails” – this time I went for a kiwi, spinach, and apple.

Had plenty time for my lunch and more time I got, because the flight to Kraków became in the end about 60 minutes late.

So I arrived in Kraków about 5.30pm – the luggage came quite quickly and my bag was one of the first.

My pre-booked transport was there, a lovely chatty young man that spoke fantastic English.

The journey from the airport to my lush hotel took about 35 min, no traffic to talk about. There is not motorway into the city … it goes around the city. Train Kraków Airport – Kraków Main Train Station cost about PLN 9,00/€2,20/$2,60/£1,92/21,25SEK and takes about 18 min. My transport – both ways cost me PLN 154,00/€37,00/$44,45/£3.80.

Had booked a trendy restaurant for the evening in Kazimierz, but when I was checking at the hotel the time was close to 7pm and felt a bit tired too, so I asked them to cancel my booking and I ordered room service.

My room 15 – was very nice and big enough for me … and the bathroom was big and bright. The only thing that I could find anything wrong with was that there was no plug by the work desk … very strange, but they fixed that straightway with an extension and explained that the desk was moved to make the room more spacious.

I unpacked, took my time … then I ordered: a starter with goat cheese, a glass of a very nice sauvignon blanc and the most delicious gluey ginger mousse and of course a cappuccino. Watched BBC News and fell to sleep quite quickly.

Had a long but terrific transit to  Kraków – and a great start to my 5 nights escape.

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you
a lot about your destination.”


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