thank you … the best little red card in the world

owned by Bank Norwegian.

About 2 weeks ago I found out that the airline that I had booked my flight in Florence with for March … had gone bankrupt. I must have been the only person in the whole of EU that didn’t know about Air Berlin’s problems.

So when I found out … I was gutted. 150€ down the drain and Florence was back on the bucket list. I had my friend in Vienna helping me out … to understand what their closed website was trying to tell me. I sent of forms to Swedish authorities that deal with customer complaints and problems, quite a few of them. I wrote a letter to bankruptcy administrator in Germany and I emailed Lufthansa that now has bought Air Berlin.

After all that work … I found a Swedish newspaper article about what to do … if “shit” happens. Their advice was to contact the credit card issuer.

So I sent of request to them from their website .. asking them if they will be able to help me. They came back to me in only a couple of hours … with the instructions how to put in a claim on their website. Directly I did so and the instructions were “stupid-easy” – less than 5 min. my claim was posted.

They came back to me next day and asked for the invoice for the ticket … which I had forgotten to send them.

3 days ago they informed me that they how had contacted the bankruptcy administrator and they will come back to me with their answer. I haven’t heard from them since then, but today when I got my statement online – all 150€ was back on my account.

I have always been praising my credit card … because of their customer service, no fees, travel insurance … and the best exchange rate for all destination I been on. Plus I get 1% on all purchase transactions … and when I book flights with their own airline “Norwegian Air Shuttle” I have up to 20% CashPoints. So I had a couple of free flights through the years. I became a customer in 2012.

Norwegian is the sixth largest low-cost carrier in the world.

Some fact about them, from their website.

  • Around 30 million passengers flew with us during 2016
  • Around 7,000 people work for Norwegian
  • We offer over 500 routes to more than 150 destinations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, South America and the US
  • We have almost 150 aircraft in our fleet and around 250 aircraft on order
  • We can offer low fares thanks to our lean organization and fuel-efficient aircraft
  • We have one of the youngest and greenest fleets in the world with an average age of just 3,6 years
  • Our aircraft are referred to as “Red Nose” because the front (the “nose”) is painted red
  • The tail fins on our aircraft feature a portrait of a hero that has challenged the established and inspired others
  • We taught Norway’s air travelers to book their flights online
  • Our telephone lines went down when we first launched our ticket sales back in 2002
  • Today, more than 80 percent of our passengers book their flight on our website

PLUS you have free wifi during your flights with them.

When I worked in the UK I had an American Express company card … and I have rated American Express to have the best customer service in the world. At least in my world Outstanding and so helpful, nothing was ever a problem. Got some great trips out them too; New Orleans, Toronto … and my flights to Chicago and Canada in 2012 with help of point from Continental Airlines.

What I liked most with American Express customer service (UK base in Brighton, only a block from where I lived) they answered straight away – no waiting on phone for ages and stupid automatic messages about that my calls were important to them.

AMEX also have a red card … launched in 2006. Bono, the lead singer of the band U2 has teamed up with product RED, a global business initiative, to support The Global Fund in its’ fight against AIDS. In partnership then with American Express, Converse, Gap and Giorgio Armani.

I only had to phone Bank Norwegian once and that was from Las Vegas, where my card worked one transaction … but not the next. Cash no problem … paying with the card nearly always a problem. I had to be up in the middle of the night to phone them, because of the time zones … the same thing with them, answer straight away, clear explanation and problem solved in a couple of minutes. Nothing wrong with my card, only the establishments that didn’t use their terminals as they should. They had pin code terminals but used them for swiping.

Now in 16 days … they have put the money on my account, but I think they still in talks with whoever????!!

This is World Top Class service.

Unfortunately, the card can only be issued to people living in Scandinavia, maybe even in the UK.

Even my friend and travel mate, Ann-Christine (Leya – to see a world in a grain of sand) has the same card for her travel, so I’m not alone being smart.

So today I have canceled my hotels in Florence and Siena …. booked my flight to Vienna in April, I’m going to visit my friends Carol and Robert plus to getting a date with my dear friend Dia@HappyFace313 … and Florence I plan to visit in end of October.

Life feels a lot better now … thanks to Bank Norwegian.

“Stores are never nice to people.
They’re nice to credit cards.”
J.F. LAWTON, Pretty Woman

20 thoughts on “thank you … the best little red card in the world

    • Yes, a big surprise … too. I wasn’t expecting to get anything back. Thanks for the greeting … spending Christmas in Krakow. My Christmas card will come with email. Thanks for your faithful support.

  1. The Best Card – Yes. Glad you got your money back – you are so cool! Speaking of Norway, I am really upset right now. I seldom watch TV, but tonight there was an interview with Petter Stordalen – by journalist Anna Hedenmo. Soooo unprofessional that I almost started yelling at her and the TV from my chair. Did you see/listen to it?

  2. Glad it worked out for you. We like our Chase Sapphire Reserve. We get 2%, free travel insurance and a few other good travel perks It pays to have a good credit card. I hope you enjoy your trip and look forward to your posts after.

  3. Hei,
    Takk for hyggelig tilbakemelding og innlegget!
    Ønsker Dem en god dag videre.

    (Hi, Thanks for the nice feedback and the post!
    Wishing you a good day ahead)

    Med vennlig hilsen / Kind regards
    William G.
    Bank Norwegian AS
    Snarøyveien 36, 1364 Fornebu, Norway

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