christmas magic … in copenhagen

Today was it time for my friend Iris and I to have our monthly date (and our last for 2017) … and it was my choice of venue … The Nutcracker at The Royal Theater in Copenhagen. Denmark is a lovely country, but nothing comes cheap, especially when you have exchanged our SEK for the DKK.

It was the first time for Iris to see a classical ballet alive … to be honest, I don’t think she was thrilled and amazed as I was. I loved it … for me The Nutcracker is Christmas. She said the second act was the best.

It was lovely to see the young dancers perform and there was plenty of them. No adults were dancing the children parts. The costumes are spectacular!!! My favorite was the small Christmas angels costumes … made from paper. You can see them in the short video above.

While living in the UK  … most Christmases I treated myself to the ballet with the English National Ballet at London Coliseum.

Copenhagen was extremely busy … with the Christmas Market at their famous Tivoli  – and of course Saturday shopping. Copenhagen was all dressed up for Christmas, stunning lights and decorations. The trains from and to Sweden was packed to the rim.

The most beautiful one we saw was the prestigious and luxurious Hotel D’Angleterre, next to the theater. They have made an Advent Calendar of the whole front of the building … the windows were made as slots and numbered up to 24. Because in Denmark like in Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th.

No photographing allowed during the performance. So I had to ask Google for help.

In the foyer of the Royal Theater, they have the most amazing Christmas tree made from female dancers consumed shoes, it was hard to get good images of the full tree … because of all the small lights between every shoe. An absolute stunning feature made from hundreds and hundreds of shoes.

After the performance, we walked over the other side of Kongens Nytorv ( the Kings New Square) to “Bistro Royal”  where we had a pre-booked table for 15.30. The ballet is less than 2 hours long, only 2 acts. Every seat was taken and they turned people away as we arrived. We got our table straight away.

We both went for the same menu … avocado salad with yellow tuna, a glass of a really good sauvignon blanc (Guy Saget ´La Petit Perriére, France) … and we finished off with a chocolate mousse and coffee. Excellent choices the whole menu through. Unfortunately was the light so bad that is was impossible to get any good images of the nicely presented food. 

We took Metro back to the Kastrup Airport … where we caught our train back to Sweden. Metro Line 1 is fully automatic … no drivers, it has been in traffic since 2002 and works excellent. Like the Métro in Paris and Docklands Light Rail in London, the trains are automatic and completely controlled from the traffic centers.

At the airport, we had about 35 min to wait for our train back to Sweden … and it was freezing.

In Landskrona when I stepped off the train it was even colder and I had to wait 20 min for my bus and there are no heated waiting facilities, but the new station is under construction … it will be ready in February they say, but I think it all depends on how tough our winter is going to be. It’s coming on by leaps.

The station Christmas tree is up and running … it’s the 1st of Advent tomorrow, only me that haven’t my lights sorted out … will happen tomorrow.

In my bag, I had the traditional little box of handmade chocolate from Chocolatte in Helsingborg, world award winning chocolate … Iris traditional Christmas gift to me.

I quite like Christmas, when it creates days like this …. days with glitter, fairy tales, lights, great wine, chocolate … and friendship.

9 thoughts on “christmas magic … in copenhagen

  1. Been years since I’ve seen the Nutcracker, but we used to enjoy taking our daughter when she was young. In recent years, I’ve looked into getting tickets for when she comes home for Christmas……….don’t know how anyone affords to take their kids now, it’s gotten very expensive, so we’ve not gone.

    • Sandy, I totally agree … it has gone fare too expensive – it was so many kids in the audience … and 50% of them was so restless – no smart phones to play around with I suppose. We went on the matinee
      Same when I see Cirque du Soleil every second year – I don’t understand how parents can afford. Same price there. Culture today is class-thing. It shouldn’t be like that.

  2. What a fabulous day you had! I could feel the excitement with you, and thank you for that lovely video that took me there. That Christmas tree of shoes is a wonderful idea. People can be so imaginative! The very best of them… 🙂 🙂 My friend Ann will be in Copenhagen now and I am insanely jealous! 🙂 My Christmas treat will be standing outside Fenwick’s window in Newcastle tomorrow, looking at Paddington Bear, for free!

    It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…. 🙂 🙂 With hugs!

    • I hope you friend will have a brilliant time .. it’s very easy in Copenhagen to enjoy yourself, but the weather isn’t the best and tomorrow it will be very windy .. and Copenhagen is always windy … so I hope she will have a dry visit.
      I love the Christmas spread that all the big departments stores put in their windows … especially in London. One year Liberty had a miniature set up in every window of a London West End show. Will never forget it. So amazing. Paddington will do it for me too. DeligthYourselfHug

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