life happens … and shit happens too

I must be the only person inside EU that didn’t know that Air Berlin has gone bankrupt 28th of October … and I have a flight book with them in March to Florence.

NO information what so ever!!!

Now Lufthansa has taken over … and given the most of the routes and fleet to their budget airline, Eurowings. They gave me the information that I should book a new ticket with them – then cancel my booking with Air Berlin … and they will refund me 50%. The problem is that they don’t fly to Florence from Copenhagen and not even with a change somewhere.

How can I cancel a booking when the website doesn’t work. Even if my booking is still there “alive” like nothing has happened.

Found out the brutal way yesterday when I was looking for booking a flight my friend that wanted to come with me. So yesterday I had a bit of a panic. The information on their website didn’t make me much wiser, they don’t answer email anymore. No phone number works.

My friend Carol in Vienna that speak German went on their website and tried to get some information. What she understands will I not be compensated for my ticket.

Then I found an address to the company that is handling the bankruptcy – I should send in all the booking information to them.

I also filled in the form to the Swedish Consumer Office and I contacted my credit card company because somewhere I read that they should compensate me.

By the way, I have the best credit card … for travel – Bank Norwegian – it gives points for spending … have the best exchange rates … and no fees what so ever!!!!! Plus free travel insurance. I don’t know if it’s available outside Scandinavia. Because they are after all an airline … with loads of docking stations around the world. A really smart card!!!!!

I didn’t go to bed until 2am last night .. because of all the paperwork and forms to fill in.

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I’ was upset over many things … first of course that I lose the ticket and the money. Even more upset that no information what so ever … regarding the bankruptcy and information what to do. Most upsets were I over that I now have to cancel my 5 days in Florence and 1 day in Siena. Because if I want to book a new flight it will cost me nearly the double .. plus the money I spent on my first booking, far too much money. Florence has been at the top on my bucket list for years … so now I have to put it back.

Will give it a new try in 2019, if I’m still kicking.

Was bit heartbroken over the whole carry-on … but I have decided to visit my friends, Carol and Robert in Vienna instead in April and that makes me feel a lot better. It will be nearly 2,5 years since I last seen them.

@carols facebook profile

As my grandmother always said … there a meaning to everything.

“Life happens. There is no point in being upset
or down about things we can’t control or change.”
Amy Winehouse

16 thoughts on “life happens … and shit happens too

  1. I absolutely love this song, Vivi, but I’m so sorry for your distress. As you know we were victims of Monarch going bust in October, but we were very lucky and got our money back (through the credit card, I think). We managed to rebook with Ryanair for even less than we paid Monarch so we got a really good deal in the end. Just, as you say, the panic and inconvenience of scurrying around all the sites, trying to find out what to do next. Maybe Florence isn’t meant to be for you? Or, like Paris, maybe you wouldn’t hit it off? 🙂 🙂 Sometimes being booked far ahead doesn’t pay off, but mostly you get a bargain. Best foot forward! (I know- you don’t have one 😦 Sorry!)

    • My credit card sound very positive … so I hope they will pay it back to me. But shit happens and it could be a lot worst – after all it’s only a flight. When I was in Warsaw with Sue … I had f****** up my return date (8 months later) – so I had to spend 200£ to get home. But it’s so annoying.
      I’m sure Florence and I will get along very well – but maybe March 2018 was to be. First time really I had problems with an airline in itself. So … what?????!!!
      I so upset yesterday that no information what so ever had come through to me personal.
      Feeling so much better today … and now I have decided to visit my friends instead. Feels good.
      Jo, I don’t have good feet … but I’m able to put them forward. *laughing. Thank you so much for your support.

  2. Ooooooh, what a piece of news! Imagine finding out about it in 3 months instead of now! 😮 You might never know why this was good for, but I believe it was for something. Let’s hope for 2018. I’m so sorry.

    • Yes, that was a bad piece of news … but I’m not the first or last person it will happened to. Only that I hadn’t been informed about it. It was a bit of scattered dreams .. that happened yesterday, but Florence will be there for me in 2019 too. Thanks for your support.

  3. 🙂 Sorry to hear that, dear Wivi!
    It’s been all over the media, especially since Lufthansa how has most of the flight legs now, has raised the prices substantially. A real pain…
    I keep my fingers crossed that you will be refunded!
    Many duvet hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Dia, hopefully my credit card will be able to help me. I couldn’t say that Eurowings is a budget airline … so Lufthansa has the power over the European sky now. I have sent you a message on FB by the way. A duvet hug back!

  4. Definitely echo all the sentiments here. So sorry to hear what happened to your plane ticket and the airline going bust, and what a horrible way to find out! Good to hear the credit card are being positive about it, and hope you can get the money back, or part of it. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be early next year for Florence…a city with such a wonderful name, history and architecture. You have always been so positive about your travels and write about them with so much gratitude, that wherever you are headed next, with friends and all, it will be an amazing time. Here is a ray of light for you – lots of love, hugs and many more adventures for a long time to come ❤

    • Mable, I got so annoyed by that no personal information has come through from neither Air Berlin och Eurowings … when the booking is still there. I hope that my credit card will help me out, if not the full amount at least some of it.
      Yes, I think the maybe April 2019 … will be more suitable for Florence … totally agree that the city has a beautiful name. My next adventure is Christmas in Krakow – going to indulge myself in 5* luxury for 5 nights. Can’t wait.
      Just take it easy … visit the Christmas market and the famous salt mines. Visit the hotel’s SPA and maybe do some shopping … and I have some exciting restaurants booked … the hotel I’m staying at has one of Poland’s top restaurants so that will be my treat on Christmas Eve. *smile – only 3 weeks left now. Thank you so much for your always so comforting and lovely comments.

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