lost (zagubiony) in dining – part 3 (grand finale)

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Now we have come to the grand finale (last evening) … in more than one way. Sunday evening and then things went really crazy but turned out to be the climax of our visit.

Because of the festival, no traffic was allowed on Piotrkowska Street were our hotel was situated (superb location). The hotel pre-ordered taxi for us … for our finale wining and dining destination – about 10 min taxi journey. We both understood it as the taxi was going to pick us up at the supermarket car park just around the corner. 

So we went over there in good time … no taxi, what so ever … no Green Cab. We waited and waited. We phoned them … with problems with connections and with language. The time was running away with us. Eventually, they sent us a new taxi and he drove in the car park and out on the same time. If it hadn’t been for Ann-Christine running after him and banging on the car, we would have missed that one too.

Now we were about 30 min late.

The drivers English wasn’t the best … and he didn’t have a clue where we were going.  He found the area, that was very eerie (at least on side of the street) – he was at the right place, but we couldn’t find the restaurant. I told him to turn around and take us back to the city centre. It was very dark where we were and not much street light. On his GPS I could see that he was just nearby the restaurant. Now 45 min late. He refused to turn around, he wanted us to find the restaurant.

So he drove into through the entrance in a big wall and in there was a massive factory (film studios) … but no restaurant. Then I saw some signs a bit away, got out of the taxi and walked against the signs and there the restaurant was. Both the driver and I was relieved.

So we arrived at the restaurant 1 hour late and they were closing in 60 min time. No problem … We had arrived to

Cesky Film – Restaurant & Pub (website in Polish only)
Księdza Biskupa Wincentego Tymienieckiego 25A, (the Scheibler’s complex)
90-350 Łódź
+48 881 403 888
Mon – Thur 12-11pm
Fri – Sat 12pm–12am
Sunday 12–9pm
Modern Czech cuisine / €€€

We got our drinks before dinner …. and we both ordered: “Kuřecí prsa s vlašskými ořechy” (Chicken breast/walnuts/vegetable ratatouille/ mashed sweet potato) and of course we had some wine too. And what a fantastic meal. We both agreed on that of all the great food we had enjoyed – that chicken dish was the best of the crop. Just beautiful.

At that time the restaurant was nearly empty – only us and another couple. Our young handsome waiter was so nice and lovely. Even if it was time for him to go home, we didn’t feel that any pressure to finish up.

I had time for my pudding – and I got one of the best desserts I had for a very long time, a poached pear filled with mascarpone cheese and toffee sauce.

The interior decor of the restaurant was very unique too … checked red and white checked tablecloths and images from movies all over the place. I liked the striped wallpaper. A really cosy and welcoming place, a gem of a restaurant. I tell you .. it was worth the lost time and all the carry-on. So glad the taxi driver didn’t gave up.

When it was time for us to go back to the festival and we told our waiter where we wanted to go … he said he would wait until our taxi arrives and give him instructions in Polish, so we get where we wanted to go. So he stayed behind to make sure that we were taken care off. I could have adopted him.

I don’t think this a restaurant that has many tourists as guests … and this restaurant I will return to. They had quite a few awards … and I can fully understand. We wrote something in their guest book, in Swedish. *smile

Our return taxi driver was a gem too .. when we arrived in the Park Staromiejski he talked to a police officer that was blocking the street for traffic .. to let us off where there was no traffic. The fare was the same back to the city centre as getting to the restaurant, 5€ – and all the taxi we use (5), they all provided fare receipts.

All the people were so nice, friendly and SO helpful, nothing was a problem for them.

So we finished off our visit with enjoying the main area of the festival (Park Staromiejski, Park Helenów and  Plac Wolności (Liberty Sq.) … and because it was the last evening, there was a nice amount of people around.

What an amazing city …with amazing people that made our 5 days so memorable –  from the moment we arrived at our hotel (without lift) and until our Reuben sandwich at “Veranda”

“Getting lost is just another way of saying ‘going exploring.”
Justina Chen

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