fabulous pillows- city center rooms, Łódź

If you click on this logo it will take you to other pillows I slept on.

I looked at this hotel already last year, when I found out about the yearly “Light Move Festival” – but my dance program was a bit too full for making it to Łódź.


The location, rooms and the PRICE just perfect. We paid around 182€ per double room with breakfast for 5 nights, but I had totally missed was that the hotel didn’t have any lift …. and we arrived and noticed that the lobby and entrance was one HIGH level up, I didn’t know what to believe.

Then we got rooms on the 3rd floor, that meant 2 more steps up. But the luggage only needs to go up once, and the young lady in the reception took both our bags and just ran up the stairs.

My room (301) are very big … had everything – a safe, hairdryer and a fridge for own gods. A big bathroom with a great shower. The bed very comfortable. Rooms and whole hotel very clean.

The rooms were very well soundproofed because with all everything going on outside during the festival I didn’t hear anything if the windows were closed.

Unlimted free freshly made coffee in the reception and apples, plus a bottle of mineral water every day  … free too. Coffee and tea facilities making in the room. And on the reception desk a big glass bowl with sweets, which I liked.

Ann-Christine’s room where slightly bigger than mine and it had a little pantry with microwave.

If I have to I complain about something …  it has to be the hangers in the wardrobe, very poor plastic and the buckled when I hang two pairs of trousers on one. And in my room was there no shelving for jumpers, knickers and things like that in the wardrobe. But I manage and I survived, but the hangers annoyed me. IKEA has cheap wooden hangers!!!!!

The breakfast was good and enough things to choose from to keep us going until lunch, a small buffet with a selection of both hot and cold dishes.

There is no restaurant at the hotel, but there is a bar where we could have bought any drinks we fancy. The bar is located in the breakfast room. I understand does the hotel have a nightclub, nothing that I noticed anything from.

The wifi worked fine for me, but Ann Christine had problems and had to use the router for the floor above.

We could see that the owner plan to open another hotel on the opposite side of the Piotrkowska Street, a 4-star hotel with LIFT. The building is just standing empty for the moment.

City Center Rooms, have fantastic reviews … I booked our rooms with Booking.com (I do most my hotel bookings with them – 96%) and with them, they have 9.1 – with Hotels.com, 4.3 – Google 4.5 – Expedia, 4.3. – TripAdvisor, 4,5. And it’s easy to understand why this 3-star hotel is up there in the top. One of the most popular hotels in the city and have a lot higher points than Grand Hotel. 

Have plans to return to Łódź for Christmas 2018  and I would love to stay at City Center Rooms again, I don’t care about the lift and I can bring hangers with me. *smile – but I want to have access to a restaurant in the hotel because on Christmas Eve everything is closed in Poland.

The hotel has its FREE carpark and all the staff talks very good English plus they are SO pleasant and nice.

On their website’s booking pge, you can choose from many language and currency.

All images I have been using here is from the hotel’s website. And what you see is what you get, except the breakfast … no white tablecloths.

City Center Rooms
Piotrkowska 91,
39-300 Łódź,
Phone: +48 42 208 08 08
24 rooms – 3* – €€

“Customer service is not a department – customer service is an attitude!”
Carsten K. Rath

8 thoughts on “fabulous pillows- city center rooms, Łódź

  1. It did sound like a lovely stay a the Łódź. Pity about the hangers – they have probably seen many clothes in their days and probably need replacing. But as you mentioned, the room looks clean, and vert bright too. The breakfast spread looks delicious and quite a variety. Normally in a hotel I don’t really like to use the hangers and closet…usually just like to keep things in my bag and keep it all neat and tidy 😀

    So lovely to hear you are traveling with Ann Christine. Always love her blog and so, so, so nice to see you are friends (if I am not mistaken) 🙂 ❤

    • Mable, the hangers wasn’t stable enough … poor quality. I want my things all organized on shelves, on hangers and in draws – and put the suitcase away. *smile
      Yes, we became friends through our blogs and we only live 1,5 hour distance from each other. First time we travelled together and she is a great partner in crime. *smile
      Next year are we going to visit the International Flying Dragon Festival in Denmark together. Very exciting.

      • It is amazing to hear you and Ann-Christine are friends in real life. From blogging to real life friends 😃 I believe it when you say she is a great partner in crime. Two of you always up to so good 😃😃 I want a friend friendship like that – always there when you need them 😃😃😃 ❤

      • Yes, it clicked straight away … and we have done some day-trips together … she are such lovely person. Easy going and nothing is a problem. I’m lucky because the friends I have is just like that. Always there when I need them, even if we don’t talk that often on the phone or see each other in real life. And of course I’m there for them too. When I lived in UK for 20 years and came home, the friendship just took up where we had left it. That is REAL friendship.

      • I remember reading on your blog previously that you and her had some day trips together. Seems that the two of you have the same pace, maybe even are like peas in a pod 😃 Agree with you that is real friendship – the ones who are there for you even if you don’t talk or see each other every week. I don’t have many friends but the ones I have are like how that 😊

        Also about the same time, same minute you replied to my comment, Ann Christine replied to me comment on her blog. So kind 😃

      • Mabel, like the thought that being a pea with Ann Christine in the same pod. *laughing
        She is such lovely heart and soul.
        I don’t have many real friend neither … but the ones I have I’m happy and thankful over. I don’t think we have that many real friends, only a very selected few.

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