lost (zagubiony) in dining – part 2

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So now it’s Friday evening and the city is crowded, all ages are out there enjoying the opening of  “Light Move Festival”.  Last year it was raining the whole festival, but we had nice evenings.

We decide on Friday that we are going to take the lower part of the festival around our hotel on Friday, the middle section on Saturday and the upper part (main part) on Sunday – and that was a brilliant strategy.

We started off with enjoying the show at Schiller’s and in Park im. H. Sienkiewicza, I had a feeling we did something wrong there and will have a struggle with finding something to eat later … but because we had a very late lunch we weren’t that hungry and decided to look enjoy the festival first.

There was a fair amount of people around, but it wasn’t packed-packed. A very nice and relaxed atmosphere. Not one problem – no fights or drunkness! People are just having a good time.

I had found the burger restaurant, it was just where Google showed, just behind our hotel. A tiny little restaurant that was so .. SO busy, but very well organized.

Gastromachina Stacja (Facebook page)
Piotrkowska 89,
39-300 Łódź, Poland
+48 537 039 198
Very popular – fantastic burgers, €€
Mon – Thurs 12–10PM
Fri – Sat 12PM–12AM
Sunday 1–8PM

When we came to the restaurant around 8.30pm there were no seats and loads of people waiting. They told us to order our burgers and drinks … and come back in 25 min. So we did and went out into the festival again, joined and enjoyed the action.

Especially on what I call the “Rossmann” house, absolutely amazing show. 25 min later we returned to the restaurant, we had to wait about 5 min for a table and on the same time, our burgers were called for service. Talk about perfect timing. 

Can’t for my life remember what burgers we had – it was pineapple in them both .. we didn’t have the same. The bread was superb and the burger was fantastic. Don’t understand how they manage to get the burgers perfectly cooked when they were so extremely busy.

Didn’t get any fries or side orders, they just served burgers and plenty of them.  A-C had a beer made with rose petals and I had my sparkling. I think my burger was “Jesus Christ Superstar” now when I look at their menu and A-C had a “Tropical”. The bill came to 13€.

Brilliant place .. and a must when you visit Łódź. Can’t book … and it’s a little mad on a busy evening.

Saturday evening …  was it time for us to enjoy some Kosher food. I had booked a Jewish restaurant in short walking distance from our hotel with excellent reviews. And it was mad out there. Festival breaks all records this year. 7th edition attracted 650,000 visitors in 3 days. All hotel beds were sold out in the city. No wonder that it was impossible to move on Piotrkowska Street.

6 Sierpnia 2,
90-415 Łódź, Poland
+48 42 630 36 35
Casual & Quirky / €€€

When we arrived they said they didn’t have a booking for us … but came back after a phone call and said we were booked their other restaurant in Manfactura. No way … when I booked online I knew I had booked the restaurant we were at, so I didn’t give in. And suddenly we had a table and a nice one.

The truth is when I checked my notebook .. I had mixed up the dates, we weren’t supposed to be there until Sunday – so I wonder how they could have our booking at the other restaurant. Very wired.  Anyhow, we got a table and had a fantastic service. The place was so busy. People arrived every 5 minutes. Very popular restaurant and I can understand why. It’s a massive restaurant … probably takes about 100-150 guests.

We both went for the “Hertzel street Goose Liver with almonds and raisins” with Farfels on our waitress recommendation. And what a fantastic dish and the portion was big. That Farfels was so delicious. The raisins and almonds were in a heavenly sauce. Loads of soft fried onions in with the goose liver. Yummy.

Farfel is sometimes translated into English as “egg barley”, it’s a pasta –  it is made from an egg noodle dough and is frequently toasted before being cooked. It can be served in soups or as a side dish.

My shot of the main course didn’t turn out the best, because of the light (have to blame something)

Me the pudding girl choose Aunt Rebeka’s Dessert with Raspberries for dessert.

What I understand was my travel mate suffering a bit from it during the night – not because the food had been bad … more because she had eaten too much.

I really recommend this restaurant – but book!!!!! We had a fantastic evening and it was fascinating to see all the people that entered the restaurant constantly, very few were turned away.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.”
Virginia Woolf


2 thoughts on “lost (zagubiony) in dining – part 2

  1. Ohhhh, yes – never had such delicious food on any trip, ever. Thanks to your special eye, Viveka! Lovely portraits here – except the one of me…I look all messed up – I will post a better one of you!

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