lost (zagubiony) for dining – part 1

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…. in Łódź. I’m going to make very long winding stories even longer.

With the LIGHT. MOVE. FESTIVAL going on … I understood that I needed to book some restaurants. Around 50.000 visitors during the 3 days.  I also guessed that people will enjoy the spectacular before they eat and I was right. Around 9pm the restaurants were packed. So I booked for 7.30pm. 

I’m all about eating and drinking when I travel … and I do my research months ahead of departure. I like to eat at odd restaurants with great food and service, that maybe not that many tourists know about … and in Łódź I really succeed with that. Not even the locals knew about the restaurants. 

Normally I find my way straight away, but in Łódź with all passages and courtyards .. back streets and alleyways. I was lost, never happened before to me … 3 restaurants out 5 … couldn’t find them. Even with Google map in hand.

The first evening I had planned for us to have a burger and the restaurant was just around the corner … not in real life. And because I hadn’t booked I decided I can go for a search the next day and we could visit later, which we did. So we just went to the first restaurant we saw – a concept restaurant – that is to find all over in Poland, Sphinx. I have visited their restaurants in Warsaw a couple of times. They provided very good service and the food is great too. And their lemonade is superb.

So I was familiar with them. There are about 6 of their restaurants in Łódź only.

Our waiter gave us little private cubbyhole for ourselves .. with a view at Piotrkowska Street. Their menu has dishes from all over the world – we both went for their “Lebanese Coffin” (Grilled beef tenderloin that is seasoned with an original mix of 7 Lebanese spices) great choice – cooked to perfection … and we enjoyed a great chocolate mousse (at least I did) and coffee.

Sphinx (website only in Polish)
Piotrkowska 250
+48 42 636 16 07
Quiet · Cosy · Casual
Open until 23:00 / €€-€€€

Friday evening that was when the festival started … and plenty people on Piotrkowska Street. I had been on Google checking .. and checking over where the restaurant for the evening would be.  In behind a passage or alley. Not fare from McCafe. We passed McCafe at least 4 times … no passage. We asked some security staff that was watching some technical equipment used for the light show.  The gentlemen he took the map and went with us … he also went into other restaurants and asked them. No luck!

I went into a Bierhalle … and there the girls took out their Ipad and then I realized where the restaurant was and I found it straight away … of the Schiller’s Passage, which wasn’t a passage .. it was wide as a street. Well hidden by a parking lot was “LOKAL” 

LOKAL (website only in Polish)
aleja Leona Schillera
90-001 Łódź, Poland
+48 666 034 006
Mon – Thurs, 12-11pm
Fri – Sat, 12-12am
Sun, 12-7pm
For the whole family / €€-€€€

An off-beat place for art, music, great food and fantastic cocktails. Truly a very special place .. and only locals. The restaurants have a play area for their youngest guests.

After an excellent Mojito … we had some small tapas, absolute  delicious after that we both went for a salad, I chose “Salad with fried black pudding and bacon, poached, pear, croutons and honey-mustard dressing” and Ann-Christine had a “Salad with chicken liver in rum on spinach with fresh fruit, raspberry sauce and roasted sunflower” – we both were licking our plates.

I hadn’t had a black pudding salad since I left UK, 2009.

Can’t remember if my travel-mate had any dessert, but I had “Cheesecake with white chocolate, with rhubarb compote and gel and crushed rye bread.

We both enjoyed the interior, food and service. A restaurant I will go back to … and I highly recommend it. Well worth looking for. I wouldn’t be looking for it .. for nearly 40 min if I hadn’t booked us a table and I had a strong feeling that we were up for something very special. And I was right AGAIN. 

I felt so sorry for Ann-Christine when we were walking up and down Piotrkowska Street, but she is a brilliant sport … and when we sat down and she said – “this I like”, it felt so good.

After a great dining adventure, we went out and join the Light Move Festival.

More dining adventures will follow.

“Never eat more than you can lift. ”
Miss Piggy



6 thoughts on “lost (zagubiony) for dining – part 1

  1. Haha – well – these adventures are unforgettable, Vivi. And you are a true restaurant specialist. I really had my doubts there…about Lokal. For a minute I thought it did not even exist. That lovely guy who trotted along with us, trying his best to find it…and we were just 25 metres from the entrance! But you never gave up – and you surely did not have to feel sorry for me…I was in good hands!

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