live photo challenges

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”
Ansel Adams

“An amazingly fun and interactive way to showcase your photos. Improve your skills, gain recognition and win awesome awards. Check it out now, it’s FREE! – this is how they interduce themselves.

I agree!!! It’s very fun, have been a member for about a month now, and it has really helped me to look at my images in a different way.

I’m talking about Gurushots.

There are at least 2 challenges released per week – some you can only add one image – but be able to swap with 3 others. Most challenge you publish 4 images at the time and you are able swaps them so many times you want. Swaps you get for free depending on how well you’re doing in the challenges or you can buy.


The thing is with a swap is the new images have to get 50 more votes than the old to be successful.

The votes you get from other members – and you can always keep your own image in the front … through voting yourself.

This my All Star level image – got 878 votes.

There are different levels of photographer classes: newbie, rookie, challenger, advanced, veteran, expert, master and guru. When you have become a guru … you will be invited to start challenges.

They also have different levels when it comes to the images : popular skilled, premier, elite and all star.


Since I started have I reached Challenger level with 1 x all star, 2 x skilled and 2 premier. I have finished 5 challenge, for the moment am I “playing” in 10 challenges and have reached elite level in 2 of them and 6 in premier. I had 8 successful swaps, but I must have done 20 in total so far. So I’m doing okay.

My gallery for the “Golden Ratio” Challenge is just ranked is in position #430 on the PREMIER and there are 5196 galleries in that level.


And there is money to win from 250$ to up 11.400$ just now. Just now is there 20 ongoing challenges.

One of the challenges just now is – The Great Outdoors- and I have reached ELITE level. My rank is just #845 – so you can image how many images there was fighting for the 300$.

I don’t expect to win any dollars or become a guru, but I don’t really care …. but I love to collect votes and step up in the levels.

They also have  GuruShots Exhibitions every month all over the world, they had one in New York in September and Berlin is ongoing – Lisbon is next. But there are rules to join and there is a fee for around 8$. I don’t think I’m good enough to be picked for that …. not yet!

One my less successful galleries are in the “Fascinating Light” challenge – it has low votes at the POPULAR level, but the gallery has rank #122 out of 6351 entered galleries, so I’m pleased.

So why don’t you join too … it’s for FREE and it’s fun plus it’s a constant learning curve … how other people look at our images … and it’s not only beautiful sunset, pretty flowers and amazing landscapes that take home the votes. If you are joining … please follow me .. will follow back – so I know that you have arrived.

It has members from all over the world .. and there are thousands and thousands of amazing images to pick up ideas from. Can’t find any information how many members we are.

Welcome aboard!

8 thoughts on “live photo challenges

    • Thank you – Thank You! I wouldn’t myself extremely good. *smile – far from it. Today I published a gallery from Marrakesh which I think is great images and nearly no votes at all. “C’est la vie”!!!

      • Well…as you say, that’s life. But sometimes I just can’t figure out why some photos are so well liked while some photos are not. I guess that is part of the fun?!

      • All in the eye of the viewer, they say … and I’m sure there is some truth in that. I swap one of the images … and got 44 votes straight away on a very ordinary image in my eyes. Yes. of course it’s part of the fun.

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