20 very special minutes …

the other evening I was waiting for 21.12 train back to Landskrona from Helsingborg .. but it was running late and there on platform 1 was a young man in a wheelchair. We started talking first about the train that wasn’t on time because there had been unauthorized activities on the rail tracks.

I noticed that he had a slight Danish accent, so I asked him and he told me that he had been living in Denmark for 17 years, but the last 2 years he has been living in Sweden. He came to Denmark together with his mother and 2 bothers during the civil war in Lebanon.

I asked him which country he liked the most and he gave me a big smile and said Sweden.

“I just love Sweden” he said. It was giving me so much freedom.

Then I asked him about his situation in the wheelchair … I could see that there was some damage to his left hand. He told me that he was born handicapped. He said that something went wrong in his head when he was born.

His age could have been around 28-32. A very wild guess. He has a happy soul and heart.

Asked him if he was living on his own. He has his own apartment and has a personal assistant that helps him with practical things. His mother is living in Helsingör in Denmark just across the water from Helsinborg and she cooks for him … and he takes the ferry across (20 min) a couple of days a week to visit his mother and to collect his dinners.

He was on his way to visit one of his brothers that lives in Malmö.

The wheelchair was his big joy – very modern and technical – that made it possible for him to move around and go where ever he wants to.

He told me that he as so happy and thankful for all the help he has got both in Denmark and Sweden. Mostly happy over that Denmark accepted them as refugees and gave them shelter and new start on life.

Before he wheeled away to get help (ramp) to enter the train … he told me that only thing he misses and missed so long as he can remember is to be able to kick a football. I think I would be a great football player, he smiled back to me.

And my heart just sank …

As he drove along the platform he turns his head and shouted back to me … my name is Muhammad and I shouted my name back to him.

Those 20 minutes I got with Muhammad will always stay with me … and I will always think about him when I see young boys playing football. And when I think about Muhammed I will automatically smile.

 “When you meet someone special, you will know.
You will start smiling for no reason
and will be happy.”



14 thoughts on “20 very special minutes …

    • Yes, he was lovely to talk with … and his face was a big smile the whole time. That with the football made me feel very small. I hope I will meet him again.

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