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… can make the “Light Move Festival” in Łódź, Poland justice! What a fantastic show they put on yearly. It’s for 5 years now they have their creative, playful, bright and fun … festival. Last year it was raining heavenly, but this year the evenings was star bright and that, of course, the city centre were packed with people in all ages. Last year they had 50.000 visitors, so this year it has to be even more.

Saturday evening was the worst, it was impossible to move on Piotrkowska Street (Polish: ulica Piotrkowska), the main artery of Łódź, Poland, is one of the longest commercial thoroughfares in Europe, with a length of 4.9 km. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. It runs longitudinally in the straight line between the Liberty Square (Plac Wolności) and the Independence Square (Plac Niepodleglości). From the very beginning, this street was the central axis, around which the city grew bigger, and its development spontaneously gave the present shape to its centre.

The street deteriorated remarkably after the World War II. Only after 1990 was it revitalized step by step and changed into a kind of pedestrian precinct. It has a function similar to a market square of old towns in other cities. Nowadays the buildings, town-planning, institutions, restaurants, clubs and pubs situated next to this street, create its specific atmosphere, which is said to have a “cult” character reaching even outside of Łódź.

The festival is spread all over the city centre – in parks and side streets to Piotrkowska. The anti-climax show is at  Liberty Square (Plac Wolności) where they put moving images on the museum and the cathedral. We didn’t go down there until the last evening, Sunday. Smart thing … it was very pleasant with only a couple of hundred people that were watching.  

In the two parks, a short stroll from the Plac Wolności are the 2 parks, Park Staromiejski and Park Helenów that also was used for art and moving images … colour displays on the trees. The house facades along the Piotrkowska Street was covered in flashing colours … and changed appearance constantly.

The amazing thing was there was to headless drunkness, scream and shout …. or fights. Many had their children with them … and there was loads of beer drinking, but nothing went out of hand. The following mornings Łódź was very quiet so I think the city was suffering from hangovers. *smile

A spectacular show with loads of colours, playfulness … fun, great music and creativity. Łódź really gave us a memory for life and it was all FREE!!

“In the right light, at the right time,
everything is extraordinary.”
Aaron Rose


19 thoughts on “no images

  1. It looks wonderful, and reminds me quite a lot of the Lumiere show in Durham. We will just be back from the Algarve in time to catch the show this year. So funny because this was the city that my family warned me was dangerous and that I shouldn’t go wandering in- would you believe it? i gather you need a couple of days to get over your cold, Vivi. Stay warm and dry 🙂 🙂

    • My cold is still hanging in there, but fades slowly. I don’t understand why Łódź should be dangerous. We didn’t notice anything – the police was standing by the side streets and they had blocked them with buses so nobody should be able to drive into the public. Very smart. Didn’t see one fight or see the police involved anything. So peaceful. People was so friendly and helpful .. everywhere we went.
      Going to visit my friend on the hospital now. Big hug.

  2. Lovely, Viveka. I just hope you will be fully recovered soon! And I cannot thank you enough for a spectacular week in a city with loads of positive surprises. ♥

    • Dia, thank you so much for the lovely comment … had a fantastic visit in Lodz. Dia, not feeling that great – had a bad cold during the trip and yesterdat I came down with high fever. Thanks for asking. Lots … Wivi

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