only want to say ….

that we are enjoying ourselves here in Lodz, Poland … tonight is it the opening of their yearly  “Light Move Festival”.

This is world that I can very easily get use to … fabulous colors, wonderful music … and loads of nice and helpful people. 

More from us when we are back home in Sweden.

Through my open window … I can hear just now this lovely piece of music just now from ulica Piotrkowska (the main street), the Downtown Abbey Theme.

Lots of feeling good from Ann-Christin (Leya) and me.

“What makes things memorable is that they are
meaningful, significant, colorful.” 
Joshua Foer

2 thoughts on “only want to say ….

    • Jo, we have really fallen in love with Lodz. A city full with pleasant and fun surprises . Yes, we love the street too – our hotel is located at number 99. So we are in the middle of everything. The cold is still with me, bu a lot better – my voice is still whiskey-damaged. We have the most wonderful weather on top off everything. Had a “spring weather” today. Not a cloud on the sky. Lots of walking and shooting. TimeForNap- Hug.

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