the results are in … polyneuropathy!!!!

Have just talked to my “feet” doctor … I have polyneuropathy.

Polyneuropathy (poly- + neuro- + -pathy) is damage or disease affecting peripheral nerves (peripheral neuropathy) in roughly the same areas on both sides of the body, featuring weakness, numbness, and burning pain. It usually begins in the hands and feet and may progress to the arms and legs; and sometimes to other parts of the body where it may affect the autonomic nervous system. It may be acute or chronic. A number of different disorders may cause polyneuropathy.

There are more than 100 different types of peripheral neuropathy have been identified, all with their own characteristic set of symptoms, patterns of development and prediction. Reduced function and symptoms depend on the type of nerves.

  • Polyneuropathy is a disease in several of the nerves of the body. The disease often begins in the nerves that are furthest away from the spinal cord (the peripheral nerves), which leads to poor feeling in the feet and more difficult to walk.
  • The first symptoms are often impaired in the toes and feet. This can be felt like walking on pillows or having an extra sock on your feet. You may also feel tingling or burning pain in your feet. Impaired balance and unstable walking are other common symptoms.
  • Polyneuropathy is due to the impairment of the nerves’ ability to conduct nerve signals.
  • The condition may be due to other diseases, such as diabetes, metabolic diseases, vitamin B12 deficiency, cancerous diseases or rheumatic diseases. It can also be due to age and hereditary factors.
  • Diagnosis is based on the patient’s history of illness. The doctor also carries out a body examination in which emotion, muscle strength and reflexes are tested. Routine blood samples are also taken.
  • The goal of the treatment is to prevent nerve damage from increasing. In case of underlying basic disease, this is treated as well as possible. Physical activity and physical therapy are also part of the treatment. In pain, different medicines can be used.
  • If the cause or disease is treatable, polyneuropathy can often be braked and sometimes also improved if the correct treatment is taken.

The causes of polyneuropathy are still unclear, why research progress. Background to the hereditary variants and studies of polyneuropathy in the event of disorders of the immune system is likely to give interesting answers. Several treatment studies are ongoing, including by nerve growth factor in diabetic patients with polyneuropathy. Various preparations are tested against pain.

25-50% of cases cannot find the cause and I seems to belong to that category.  It’s not possible to do much for it, more than relieve some symptoms.

Unfortunately, my pain is something I have to live with. But the good news is that the pain will probably not pass over the knees.??????!!!!!

I will change medicine in 14 days time – I hope it will work better than with the one I have today. Used it for a year and nothing has become any better. It slowly creeps up both my legs. It started in the autumn of 2009 and has gone worst by the years.

How I feel about the verdict????!!!! Don’t really know just now, but I will carry on living my way of life … so long I’m able to. It’s not going to stop me .. but it will slow me down.

“The job of feets is walking, but their hobby is dancing.”
Amit Kalantri

32 thoughts on “the results are in … polyneuropathy!!!!

  1. Ah, Vivi, you will carry on doing as much as you are able, as best you can! Like me, you don’t give up…we just have to work out ways of doing things differently

  2. So sad for you. I know how much you depend on your feet, although they’ve been giving you trouble for a long time as I recall. Maybe now there’s a name there’s a better way of treating it. You’ll “climb the living tree”. I’m pretty certain nothing can control you: you’re not the puppet of pain!

    • Meg, I have been struggling this year … it has gone worst – but I had it since 2009.
      Puppet of pain!! Love it. There is days, when I just goes under the duvet, but not only because – but everything added up, it brings me down at time.
      There is no cure as such … and if I’m unlucky I can end up in a wheel chair, but I don’t want to think about that.
      At least I know what it’s now .
      When we are getting old … everything comes along .. except the money. Thank you so much for your support.

    • Colleen, I hope … that the new medicine will help! This summer has been so tough and painful. I have travelling plans lined up until 2019 – so I will keep on going. *smile – Thank you so much, Colleen.

      • I’m glad to hear you have made the plans. When the doctors were telling me about some things that would hurt me forever and I should not bike or do martial arts I asked if it was going to hurt no matter what, the doctor said yes, I told him I wasn’t going to sit down and do nothing. He said okay. So GOOD FOR YOU!!!

      • I’m not surprised … *laughing. I would never consider somebody that gives up.
        I must I’m a bit worried what direction the problems will take my body, but stilling still is not going to help me. Going to start water gymnastic, because then there is no pressure on my feet.
        I need my leg muscles now more than ever and hopefully, the pains will don’t pass my knees.

      • Yes, I will see if I can start with it … when I back from Poland. Leaving for Lodz on Wednesday and full of cold today, but I will okay. “evil gunpowder perishes not so easy.”

    • Jo, thank you so much! It has taken nearly 7 years for them. I looking forward to try the new medicine, but I have to come off the one I’m on just now – which is an anti-depressive – so I can’t just stop taking them. *smile

  3. Viveka – sorry to hear this, but I know how we work: It is better to have a diagnosis, because then we can get better treatment and be able to follow up scientific progress about it. Like you say, it is better to be out and about as much as possible – keeps us ticking. You will go on like before, I am sure, but maybe slowing down a bit in the programme further on. See you soon!

    • A-C, it’s what it’s and as you say … it feels a lot better to have a name to the problem. I hope that the new medicine will work a bit better – got a new young female doctor at the clinic and she really took her time. Don’t know how many doctors I had because of this problem.
      There is a very small possibility that I can end up in a wheelchair in a couple of years and to be sure I don’t miss out on my bucket list – I have to hurry up instead. Nothing that I’m worried about today. See you soon.

  4. You have my sympathy. I have it, related to diabetes, since 2004,

    Like you I prefer to deal with the pain (meditation and mindset) and keep on moving. There’s too much to enjoy in life. The main thing is to take care of your feet, as minor injuries can become nasty very quickly, and always wear comfortable shoes. I go to work in smart clothes, sometimes a tie. And my trainers!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement!!! They tasted me for diabetes … and god knows what. I wear to 95% comfortable shoes – but as a woman .. there is moments I like my heels and I will use them so long as I can at special occasions.
      Seen some nasty images on Google what small injuries can do to the feet.
      I hope I have a “lighter” version .. so leg muscles are not going to be affected. Because walking and travelling… is a big part of my life as a pensioner. Thank you so much for cheering me up.

  5. Just ‘found’ this, hon. It always had to have a name, didn’t it? You’ve been battling along gamely for the longest time, and it looks like you’ll have to keep it up. Hope the new meds can help a bit. Maybe you’ll have to trim that bucket list, but I know you’ll go on living life to the fullest. Sending Sunday hugs and here’s to a wonderful trip to Lodz. 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Jo!!! Poor “Leya” have been sick for over a week … but she is all fit now for Lodz. I came down with a cold yesterday … so I been under the duvet most of the day, but feeling a lot better now. Going anyway.
      I have been promised great weather .. sunny, but the evenings a bit chilly. Just like home. So excited over the great company … the light festival and a brand new destination.
      A card will follow. Lots!!! Duvethug.

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