i would call it terrorism


I feel so sorry for the people in the US today .. because there is nothing positive coming from this AMAZING country anymore.

I have always felt home in the states – and I have many memories from there, I have wonderful friends living there, but today I feel total disgusted – how can something like Charlotteville be allowed to happen. How can HATE be allowed take the centre stage???!!!

For me this is terrorism … and created by people that call themselves “real” Americans. There is no Muslims involved in this.

But for a long time, there has been so much hate, threat and contempt in President Trump statements – WHY?????!!! … and that will put more fuel on the fire.

Mr. Trump, what goes around comes around!!!

My thoughts go out to the victims, their families and friends …. and the American people.

“I feel sorry for the people”
August Strindberg



20 thoughts on “i would call it terrorism

  1. He has publicly condemned it, Vivi, but with what sincerity? It’s thug behaviour that he has encouraged. I wince every time he says God bless America. I don’t know where it’s leading but it’s nowhere pretty.

    • Who to blame … ???!!!! Us … that can’t respect each other … and accept each other for what we are. That everything has to do with religion or race today, and somebody has said that before God we all the same and I’m not a believer! When our leaders preach about hate and contempt – we shouldn’t listen …

  2. They say the country gets the government it deserves. I wonder. The most surprising people, to me, voted for Trump and I cannot imagine why. A dangerous man to have at the helm of one of the most powerful countries.

    • When a countries leader – preaches hate and fear every day for so long as he has done now. When he doesn’t take a stand against men like David Duke that has connected himself to the president. Jo, you are so right … America isn’t only voting for its leader it votes for the most powerful man in the world. America is losing its face … for the rest of the world. Instead of looking up to the US … we shake our heads in disbelieve.

  3. It’s a very difficult time indeed. I have zero pride for my country with Trump in the position of a leader and I wince daily when reading the news. It’s hard to imagine enduring this for 4 years. The contrast to the confidence that was felt with Obama is immeasurable. x wt

    • Wendy, I don’t think you are alone with that feeling … I think any normal person with common sense will do that, doesn’t matter if they live in US or somewhere else. It saddens me so much so see what is happening to your Great country.

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