one thing is for sure

… that music doesn’t help against a toothache.

During my visit in Porto, I got a toothache, not server but bad enough to annoy me and to take painkillers … something I haven’t experience since 1973.  Have been very lucky with my teeth – haven’t had any done for nearly 18 years. So I knew something serious was going on.

Have my dentist still in Belfast where I go for my yearly check up, but there was no time to do a trip to Belfast for this problem, so my friend got me an appointment with her dentist clinic.

Got a lovely dentist by name, Lars-Göran .. and he told me that I had an infection under a crown .. that I did 16 years ago??? And the problem is that my tooth has 3 roots.

So on Monday, we started with the work … removing the old crown – get the gold out and getting down to the infected root. Göran told me that it’s very common that this problem will accrue sooner or later.

The cheapest option for my situation is maybe to remove the tooth and go for a bridge, that will only cost me around 1450€. If I invest in a new crown all depending on the quality of the tooth can cost me up to 350€ more.

As I was lying there in the chair I calculated the amounts into how much travel I could do for that kind of money, but I also must be able to chew.

Yesterday my hell started, even if Göran warned me that this could happen, that with him working with the root – the infection can blossom up again. Okay, I said, no problem … but I had forgotten what a real toothache means. I have been suffering from cold sweat for nearly 24 hours, haven’t slept more than 2 hours max during the night. And no lucky pills seem to work.

8.30am it was me phoning him on his mobile … totally desperate – begging for help. So this is me back from the pharmacy and the first 2 penicillin tablets are taken.

I tell you I rather pay 1450€ than having another 24 hours … of this pain!!!!

I’m going to crawl back in my hole and lick my wound … and indulge myself in self-pity. See you on the other side of this ordeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache.”
Mae West

15 thoughts on “one thing is for sure

  1. Oh, bad luck….I have had 3 teeth removed in the last few years, and plenty of root extractions….not great, but necessary…’ll get through it, Vivi! Sending mega hugs

  2. I am so sorry to hear this Vivi. Teeth problems are the worst. I hope the pain will go soon. I also recently had to spend a small fortune on my teeth. Luckily I have insurance to help me.

    • Jo, thank you so much … yesterday was pure hell for me – no painkiller worked on the pain. Today I have still pain, but feeling 150% better. We have insurances … I think, but I don’t have one. Still I been lucky with my teeth, so if I spread the cost over the years … but still it’s a lot of money for one tooth. Still I rather pay those money than having that pain for 12 hours.

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