sea, hollyhocks and tennis

“The ball is round, the game is long.”
Björn Borg

This week we are only going to have one great day with some sunshine, and that was yesterday, so I thought I will make use of my Summer Jo-Jo and visit Båstad.

In Båstad did I spend my first ever holiday, nearly exactly 50 years ago and I have never been back until today – and I had a great holiday. Don’t know why I never went back, just up the road from Landskrona.

Båstad is a locality and the seat of Båstad Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden, with approximately 5,000 permanent residents.

It is, however, one of Sweden’s most typical summer resorts. The population is presumably more than twice as large between April and September, and even larger during July. Its municipality follows a similar pattern. Some 15,000 permanent residents but more than 30,000 during July

Within Sweden is Båstad well-known for Tennis, and the largest Centre Court in Sweden is located in the towns centre and can take more than 5,000 attendees. All great names in Swedish tennis, like Björn Borg, Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg have played tennis in Båstad.

When I had my holiday in Båstad did I watch Davis Cup with ours Jan-Erik Lundqvist and Ulf Schmidt playing against Italy (if I don’t remember wrongly, but not 100%). 

Båstad was in the aftermath of Ericson Open, that finished on 30th of July and Swedish Open that finished 23th of July. The tennis world’s top player will meet in Båstad to make up what is the fourth oldest Grand Prix tournament in the world and in 2008 the competition was voted Europe’s best ATP competition in competition with London, Paris and Rome.

There is also Davis Cup being played. The first Davis Cup match in Båstad was played in 1950 and the town has a long and proud tennis tradition of hosting both national matches and major tennis events. This year Sweden against Lithuania on 15-17 September.

Båstad is the place to be for all Swedish A-lists and wannabees during the Swedish Open and Ericsson Open, then everything is showed of – the biggest SUV’s, the most exclusive cars, the most “handsome” and deep tanned men in designer jeans, suede loafers and tailored blazers shows of the beautiful woman on their arm. A playground for the rich and also famous, and those that can’t afford it too (like me). There was some of them left.

But the town was busy getting back to normal and every little narrow street around the main centre-court was blocked with massive lorries. Båstad were busy, even if it was 3 days after the tournaments.

Båstad is also famous for their “street houses” – small pretty cottages … just beside the streets with roses and hollyhocks along their walls.

Arrived around 11.30am … and now with the new railway tunnel, they have moved the station out from the town – but there is a bus waiting when the trains arrive and it takes people into the Båstad Torg (Båstad Square) and from there is it only a short walk down the tennis centre, harbour and the fine sandy beaches.

The traffic was horrendous in this little town centre and also at the harbour. The beach was fairly busy … and all the tennis courts were taken and there is about 8 of them, except the main centre court.

Walked around in the harbour for a while, not much going on there – there was some windsurfing race today out at sea, Kona Windsurfing. What I understand is the big “My Sailing Camp” week this week.

Then it was time for lunch, I chose “Fiskekajen” – because they had free tables outside with some shade under the massive sails. Went for “Mussels & Frites” and a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Very busy on all eating place down in the harbour area. It was nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sun .. and look at the “harbour life”.

After lunch, I took my Vagabond slip on off and walked barefoot in the warm sand. I think the sand was a lot warmer than the ocean, some said it was +17C – BRRRRRRRrrrr! But still, there were loads of brave people in the water.

Then I walked the street with the pretty and lovely “street houses” and Oscar got a chance to work. Suddenly the sun disappeared and I felt rain drops.

So I hurry back to harbour area .. and got myself a very nice cappuccino and a freshly baked croissant with home made jam, but the rain was over as I put my order in and I was able to enjoy the tennis courts outside.

As I left the cafe …. there was some samba dancing going on – they also have “Brass-week” this week in Båstad. That means there will be loads of Brazilian music and dance both day and night. Great finishing of my lovely day in Båstad.

I nearly forgot that Båstad is also home of the Troentorp Clog, formerly known as Båstad Clogs. Troentorp Clogs have been handcrafted in Båstad since 1907 and continue to be produced with the original wooden design. Something I always wore every day as a chef for over 40 years. I got my first pair when I was 4. Every Swede has a pair of Troentorp Clog at home.

Båstad, I promise it will not take an other 50 years … before I return. 



15 thoughts on “sea, hollyhocks and tennis

    • Good Morning, it’s a very nice little town … the beach is okay … fine white sand … but stay out of the water. *smile – Thursday hug ..

    • I was thinking of you yesterday …. when I walked around in Båstad. Jo, would have love to be here. David Ferrer, won the Swedish Open and 100.000 Euros. Kateřina Siniaková won Ericsson Open and 65.000 Euros. Wonder why they don’t win the same amount. Not really fair, is it. *smile

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    • Thank you so much for the visit … and for your lovely comment. It was a fantastic summer day .. and my camera liked nearly everything I put it against. Hollyhocks are such a beautiful flower and all the fantastic shades it comes in.

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