just really annoyed today

&… mostly with myself.

Yesterday evening (last night) I made my mind up and I booked my flights to Porto in end of May next year …. flying Lufthansa with a change of flights in Frankfurt, 257€. 

Today I found out that Ryan Air flies directly from Copenhagen to Porto … for about 80€ cheaper, 3 hours flight – but I will arrive just before midnight. I could have put that money on the apartment I will rent and stayed 7 nights instead of 6.

Not very often I miss out on cheap flights, but I’m really annoyed just now. Normally I know exactly what airlines fly where. Most of the times I check the destination airport to see who is landing there and where they come from, but I never did that with Porto.

But done is done!!! No use crying over spilt milk. Also, it is about 35 year since I was at Frankfurt airport last (absolute massive).

Plus that when I printed my booking I notice that I got my first name as the surname also, Ms Viveka/Viveka …. PANIC big time. Don’t have a clue what happened there …  I blame Google auto fill. I even gave my middle names, so why I should get my surname wrong.

So I had to use SKYPE in the middle of the night phoning Lufthansa, but they cancelled my booking straight without any problems without any cost and I could do a new booking.

I don’t think Ryan Air would have done that. They are not famous for their customer service, even if they are Irish. What we call “Cheap, but not very cheerful”.

ryan air@turizmus.com

But the booking fee of 40€ Lufthansa couldn’t refund me. So I have to pay another 40€ for my next booking too, also very annoying – but my own fault again. 

TAP really annoy me too – they don’t want to give my points for the flight I did back in June. They belong to Star Alliance, which SAS also is a member of and TAP don’t want to give me any points to on my bonus card with SAS. Have written a complaint to them. I didn’t go on the cheapest fare, travelled Classic.

So that made my mind up and also I don’t like Lisbon airport, so boring.

Great news, just checked my bonus statement … and TAP has given me the points – why couldn’t they send an email and confirm it. How annoying is that???!!!!, but at least I got my points .. so I have a free flight with SAS now. 

I booked my pillows in Porto, only 2 days after my return home in June. Got a fantastic apartment for only 290€, 6 nights – with the most perfect location on Rua de Sao Joao. Just below the São BentoStation .. with a bus stop only steps away. And 200 meters from Ribeira, the Riverfront.

The bus stop is very important.

Oporto Golden View Apartment is on many websites, but I did my booking with booking.com. And checking around … it seems like I got a real bargain. Found a little video about the apartment.

(the apartment is above the wine shop – very convenient)

The apartment has 9,6 out of 10 on booking.com – 5 stars with most websites.

It’s in an old building but … it has A LIFT!!!!!! That is a must for me, my grocery bags and my luggage. Have to fix breakfast myself, but I’m sure I will manage.

As you notice I’m so excited already that I will be going back. Porto has the same effect on me as Istanbul had after my first visit there … need to go back so soon as possible. Just want MORE!!!

So what is on my do it list for my next visit.

  1. Visit the hairdresser, Jean Louis David (Via Catarina Shopping)
  2. Lunch at Majestic Café
  3. Palácio da Bolsa
  4. Pérgola da Foz 
  5. Sandeman 


  6.  Livraria Lello & Irmão (the worlds most beautiful bookshop)
  7. Cruise Terminal of the Port of Leixões, just because of the building.

    cruise terminal @sellex.es

  8. Jardins do Palácio de Cristal & “Caminhos do Romântico@ (the romantic paths)
  9. A night at Costa Nova Beach, want to see those candy striped houses.

    costa nova beach houses@stylemotivation.com

And of course there will be some dining adventures too – but that I need to work on … at a later date.

Plus we have a carnival here in Landskrona this weekend…. and it’s raining (a lot). REALLY annoying, because I had plans to take Oscar with me out for a couple of hours during the carnival train. Swedish summer this year!!!!!!!!!!!


Pode esperar para vê-lo novamente, Porto!

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged
to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”
Nelson Mandela

19 thoughts on “just really annoyed today

    • It happen once before …. when I was going to pick up my sick girlfriend in Prague and I didn’t notice it until I was going to check in online – and I couldn’t enter their website. So I phoned them … and it was the airline’s customer service that noticed it. Had to book a new ticket on the day before departure.
      Have been so careful since then … but I know I filled in my surname – that Google auto fill must have steeped in somehow. Saved by the bell, because I phoned 5 min after the booking.

    • Yes, I did … !!!! And the odd thing was I checked and re-checked … but it’s that Google Autofill .. and I don’t have clue how to turn it off. And somehow my first name lands on my surname too.

    • Thank you, Suzanne …. done is done!!! And I don’t let it effect me for too long. I’m so excited to go back … I’m like you, I love the planning and the research. I’m next door to one of the best restaurants in Porto: DOP – so I have to give that a try.

  1. It’s great when you find a place that really grabs you like that! Theamaria? 🙂 🙂 I wondered why when you got the cancellation through you didn’t rebook with Ryanair? Or maybe you wouldn’t have got the money back then. It’s complicated when you move around so much. I love researching a place but hate sorting out flights, but you do it like second nature. 🙂 Love the fishy skateboard(?) photo 🙂 Hope the ass has settled down a bit. Hugs, sweetheart!

    • Yes, Thea after my aunt … Maria after grandma!!! The thing is that I can’t book with Ryan Air for next year jet and also I didn’t found out until the morning after I done my booking. Otherwise I would had consider it. Fishy skateboard????!!!!! … no, it’s a material.
      Start using a new cream yesterday – pain killing … and it makes life easier. I have been so down lately because of the pain I had, but it’s working now. Noticed at once that it helped. TimeForBedHug!

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