weekly photo challenge – satisfaction (random)

“Happiness depends on our satisfaction”

I totally agree with this quotation, but there are so many things that bring me satisfaction. So for me is this weeks topic a bit tricky for me. But everything starts with me. If I’m not feeling good …. and not responsive nothing can give me satisfaction. Also, satisfaction comes from many impressions and experiences at the same time, at least for me. A combination of things.

So what makes me happy???? What gives me satisfaction????

Great food, laughter, love, coffee, the ocean, walk barefoot in warm sand, playing children, travelling, flowers, wine, a good nights sleep, ice cream, time, art, cakes, nature, colours, friends, a good breakfast, shopping, be able to enjoy the moment, hugs, my camera (Oscar), sunshine and a great cocktail.

If I can have everything on one day … TOTAL SATISFACTION!!!!!


28 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – satisfaction (random)

    • Thank you, it’s version that Avicii did for Volvo’s commercial for their launch of xc90 – in 2015! My favourite version of a really great song.

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    • Yes, she has a fantastic voice – Audra Mae is the great-great-niece of Judy Garland. Born in 1984. One of my favourites too … listen often to it. One of the best songs … in my book and especially this version. Thank you so much.

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