lush and posh – restaurante o comercial, porto

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A restaurant situated in one of the most beautiful buildings in Porto, (Stock Exchange Palace), it has to be something special and it is.  I got the information about the restaurant from the website the culturetrip” A website I ALWAYS check out for dining ideas for my destinations.

I couldn’t find it at first because it looked like the Google Map showed the location on the back of the building – but after asking a very nice parking attendant, I found out it’s inside the beautiful building.

I never took the time to do the tour of the building, but it’s #1 on my bucket list for my next visit. Hopefully, it will be in the spring next year. What I understand it’s a stunning building inside too.

Restaurante O Comerical
Palácio da Bolsa
Rua de Ferreira Borges,
4050-253 Porto
Phone; +351 918 838 649
Open hours:
Monday – Friday: 12.30-3pm, 7.30-11pm
Saturday: 7.30-11.30am
Sunday; Closed
International cuisine
Samantha Reis, Executive Chef
Dress code; casual smart (no jeans)

Restaurante “O Comercial” – is on the ground of a splendid neo classical monument (built from 1842 to 1910) honours Porto’s past and present money merchants. Just past the entrance is the glass-domed Pátio das Nações (Hall of Nations), where the exchange once operated. I did my booking on their website.

When I entered the restaurant it is so stunning as I had expected …. but the high arches and the big windows with the crushed velvet curtains give it a greatness and lushness … that I just wanted to disappear in.

Not very busy – only a couple of tables taken and later an Italian lady arrived as solo diner too. The place is truly lush and posh.

There were different menu options, set menus and a la carte. I went for the 3-course menu for 23€.  They have now changed their menu … and I can’t really remember exactly the description of the dishes.

I asked my handsome and pleasant waiter, Emanuel, to chose my wines (by the glass) … and he didn’t let me down. I know very little about Portuguese wines and I don’t know much more today, more then they are very good.

It was Emanuel that introduced me to the fantastic cocktail “Porttonic” or “Port Splash” as it also is called. Has become my favorite!!!!!

When it comes to my menu for the evening – I found the description for the starter and the dessert, but for the veal, as I had for the main course are no longer on their website.

Vol-au-vent of black pudding with goat cheese gratin and caramelized apple slices

Pudding Abáde de Priscos, bacon crunchy and port wine ice cream

The Vol-au-vent were supberb. Normally Vol-au-vent isn’t anything I would choose, but I like the combination of black pudding and goat cheese.

Regarding my main course – the portions were in perfect size, the veal was perfectly cooked and seasoned, the knife just melted through the meat. The quality of the meat was top class.

The dessert – The Abade de Priscos (bacon pudding or Portuguese bacon pudding), is a pudding or, as you wish, a flan, made mostly out of egg yolks, sugar, caramel, Port Wine, cinnamon, and, as the name says, bacon! It was “disappearingly” good. The pudding had a smooth delicate texture … but an absolutely intense flavour.

The recipe became famous in the late 19th century and was created by the Gastronomer Manuel Joaquim Machado Rebelo, Abbot of Priscos, who was once nicknamed the Pope of cooks. The dessert was among the 21 Wonders of the Portuguese Gastronomy in 2011.

Had a very nice evening, everything was top class … and even if there weren’t many guests I had a very nice dinner conversation with the Italian lady. The bill came to 37€ – and I gave 7€ in tip.

I never put my tip on the credit card, doesn’t matter where I’m in the world … who knows if the staff gets their money.

For a special event or a romantic evening in a beautiful setting .. I really recommend this place, it will not empty your bank account and still, you will experience that fantastic feeling of top class and luxury. And you will be dining in one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. Or as I did … without any special reason. Only for the experience.

There was a lot of feeling good as I stood on the grandiose palace’s steps … ready to take on the warm June night and find the bus stop for 901.

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste
of opportunity to eat badly.”
Anna Thomas

13 thoughts on “lush and posh – restaurante o comercial, porto

  1. Morning Vivi. I was so delighted with your description of the Abade de Priscos I have stolen your picture to include in my blog with a recipe I found. I do hope you don’t mind. I have, of course, credited you with the photo. The restaurant sounds great and how nice of them to thank you.

    • Jo, don’t worry about the picture … my pleasure. It was a really great dessert – bacon????!!!! I liked it. Most places do come back with a thank you those days, both hotels and restaurants – a very nice touch. *smile

  2. The tour is only half an hour, Vivi, and it’s a beautiful building. I didn’t realise there was a restaurant but I can imagine how grand it must have been. 🙂 🙂

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