swedish summer at it’s best

We have a weather website here in Sweden that gets the weather right to 98% day after day … on the hour. For yesterday it told us that here in Skåne we should have a sunny day … all from the morning and onwards, but the reality was different. 

I had decided that I should go to Mölle for the day, that means an early start and both train and bus. The morning had no sign of the sun … and I was struggling to make my mind up about … going to go or not, but I thought that the website is always spot on, so I took the 10.20am train to Helsingborg for the bus 220/222 to Mölle. The bus was packed!!

As the bus left the bus station in Helsingborg the sun came out and I got the most beautiful day with sea, sun and a very light breeze. A day when the Swedish summer was at its best. 

It was my first visit to Mölle, but have been on my way for years … 7 years!!!!!???? It takes about 2 hours with public transport from Landskrona.

Mölle is a locality situated in Höganäs Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden with 700 inhabitants, located in the North West part of Skåne. 

It is best known for its scenic harbour and its location adjacent to the Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Its harbour, situated on the Kattegat Strait, provides services for marine fishing, water sports outings and tour excursions along the coast, especially the rocky shore of Kullaberg to the north.

The community was initially a fishing village but was playing a major role in the emerging tourism in Sweden in the late 1800s. In addition, Mölls scenic location contributed to the northern outskirts of Öresund, with Kullaberg as a backdrop. Community bath for men and women was introduced in Ransvik in the early 20th century.

Greatness as a tourist resort occurred just before the First World War, but also during the interwar period, the tourist currents were large. Still, Mölle is a popular tourist resort with a triple of the population during the summer months.

Community bath for men and women was introduced in Ransvik in the early 20th century. 

In the latter part of the 19th century Mölle was renowned as a centre for erotic entertainment, especially mixed sex bathing (considered marginally scandalous in that era); thus it attracted visitors from throughout Sweden as well as various parts of Europe. There was even a weekly train from Berlin to Mölle up until the First World War.

The existence of Mölle has been shown since 1491, through documents in an archive in Copenhagen.

During the short walk from the bus station to the little harbour, I met lovely houses and very pretty gardens … the harbour was nearly empty on boats as I arrived around noon.

I had a quick walk around in the harbour area and then I felt it was time for lunch – there is quite a lot of places to chose from when it comes to food but none of them is big and there were many visitors. I chose “Systrana på Piren” (The sisters on the pier) – all the seats were taken outside.

So I had to enjoy my breaded plaice and glass of white wine indoors, that was more than okay because it was hot outside in the sun. Everything was served in and on disposable products, which I didn’t really like … because of the environment, but I guess they didn’t have space for a commercial dishwasher in the little back kitchen and they were extremely busy.

The food was good, the service friendly and a very nice surroundings.

After lunch did I walk around alongside the pier and admire all the fancy elegant whites that were lying side by side, the little harbour was now packed.

Mölle has a Grade Dame – the prestigious Grand Hotel, built in 1908-09, then it was called Grand Hotel Ahlbäck built by Johannes Ahlbäck. Today has the name Grand Hotel Dahlberg and the Dahlgren family has owned the hotel for over 50 years. Today a sea-view room will cost you per night around 300 Euros with breakfast. 

Before I left the harbour for the bus back to reality … I stop at a coffee shop for a nice coffee and an XL ice cream, that I enjoyed under a big parasol. 

As I arrived at the bus station I notice there was a bus for the Kullen’s Lighthouse, never been there neither, so I jumped on that bus instead and I was given a chance to visit the highest locate lighthouse in Sweden and one of the oldest, it has been saving lives since 1561, but I will come back to that. 

“It is sun and sky blue.
Summer, summer, summer,
When one wants to be two,
It disappears like the sand
As we sift through our hand
Summer, summer, summer,
Like a dream you fade away,
You are too short.”

“Sommar, Sommar, Sommar” (Summer, Summer, Summer) is a piece of music with a melody written by Sten Carlberg under the pseudonym “Sten Roland”. The melody wrote Carlberg in 1952 and the text was then written by Eric Sandström. The text is about summer. This song our most popular Summer tone. It’s the theme melody to a very popular radio program where famous Swedes talks about what ever they want and play their kind music for 2 hours – a program that sends every day during the summer.

5 thoughts on “swedish summer at it’s best

  1. That made me laugh – that you jumped on the bus to the lighthouse instead of home. Just the type of thing I’d do. When do we get to see the lighthouse shots please? Molle looks rather lovely. My kind of place, by the sea 🙂

    • Yes, Suzanne .. it is your kind of place. You would love living there. In the winter is it a bit bitter and empty, but the summer makes up for it. Tomorrow I will post the lighthouse post.
      I didn’t know there was a bus going up to the lighthouse, only for July and August. So I have nobody waiting on me … so it doesn’t matter when I come home in the evening. I would have loved to enjoy that sunset yesterday. Not a cloud on the sky.

  2. What a lovely place, Vivi! Like Suzanne, I did smile at you jumping on the bus to the lighthouse, quick change of plan! Lovely images, I want to go there…..

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