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In the park and deep in the forest will you find exciting and interesting … weird and wonderful art at Wanås. There is a total of 70 pieces spread over the castle’s ground, all stationary. Then they put out 10-15 extra fresh ones every year.

“Interlettre” by Carl-Fredrik Reuterswärd, 1984-1985

The grounds are endless as you can image – and some you art understand straight away and some … you shake your head when you see. And then there are those that will stick with you forever. This post will be about them.

And the chicken shed that … we didn’t get at all … but the meadow is beautiful. We also found an art piece that matches Ann Christine’s new sneakers.

My favourite of all … is the ” The Old Sow Between Trees” – it has been at Wanås since 2015 and made by Hannelie Coetzee, who is a Johannesburg-based visual artist and professional photographer.

The wild boar further explores issues related to ecology and sustainability. Coetzee was drawn to this adaptable animal, now returned to Sweden after an absence for centuries, for the way it arouses and sparks debate. A wild boar head in the middle of the forest, a giant anorakhuva in rolling aluminium, a human body covered by a veil of black diabase.

Between trees, her portrayal of a wild boar grows out of the site’s own material. Logs are carefully stacked into a snout and peering eyes. Viewing it from the back sprawling branches and sticks seems to stop the sow in violent momentum stuck between the trees, 7m high X 5m wide X 10m deep.

Gloria Friedman’s “Stigma” from 1991 – The Red Wall, I call it … is hard to ignore. Gloria Friedmann (1950 ) is a German photographer, sculptor and installation artist. Maybe not the most interesting piece, but it makes an impact and very popular with the visitors. Made from Cinder blocks, cement, pigment & wood and measure 600 x 1600 cm

During a storm in 2011, a tree fell over the piece and server damaged one of the corners, was fully repair the same year.

New for this season is “Train for Thoughts” (2015-2017). I saw it on their web-site … and I thought it was a bus, but it is a Swedish a railroad car moved to the woods, first painted white and then filled with her black circles creating an organic web over the whole surface..  turned into a beautiful piece of art by Carolina Falkholt, born in Gothenburg 1977 – goes also under the pseudonym Blue.

Melisa Marin’s “Dining Room” (2006) – Insight Out with three new site-specific works. The principal work, Dining Room, located near the pond, is a replica of a dining room at Wanås castle. The room has no walls or ceiling but is furnished with table, chairs, windows, doors and a fireplace.

The floor is provided by the forest and trees are growing through the furniture. When Dining Room was completed, Martin had the table set for two dinners.

Melissa Martin, born 1975 in Indianapolis – today she works out of New York.

Ann Christine’s new sneakers match Eric Lennarth’s “Environmental Triggers” (1987/2017)

Coming to the end … of the 6 hours at Wanås – and now leaving the forest.

Antony Gromley’s “Together and Apart”, 1998

One of two most famous sculptures in the park must be, Ann Sofie Siden’s “Fideicommissium (2002) – the peeing woman. 

and Pål Svensson’s “Sprungen ur/Sprung From” (1996). Pål Svensson has two sculptures at Wanås. Both of them are Swedish sculptors, Pål born in 1950 and Ann Sofie in 1962.

….. and one of the last pieces of art that capture my eye were Nandipha Mntambo, Enticed Contemplation (2005) – Nandipha Mntambo (1982) is a South African artist who has become famous for her sculptures, videos and photographs that focus on human female body and identity by using natural, organic materials.

I hope you have liked the exploring so much I did … there is also a famous tree, but it has to have its own space. An old oak tree … that must be about 500 years old and it has some stories to tell.

“It’s all right for you to have a train of thought
if you also have a terminal”

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    • Oh, thank you so much!!!! To capture art isn’t that easy … to give it justice and outdoors even harder, I think. So you comment means a lot. *smile

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