a barn = a body???!!!!

In one of the original cow sheds (barns) – Wanås shows “Lignum”, 2002 by Anna Hamilton a 5-floor exhibition made of materials like paper, cloth, wood, string plus four Leslie speakers & sound. A  very interesting and not the easiest to capture with a camera. But with being a bit playful and use the imagination plus with help of each other, it worked fine.


I can’t say I understood all of it, but I really enjoyed it! Ann Hamilton, born 1956, Lima, Ohio. Today she works out of Columbus, Ohio.

Ann Hamilton was invited to create a new work for all of the five floors of the barn from 1823. In her art she studies physical experiences, enhancing impressions through the senses. The artist comments: “You feel through your body, you absorb the world through your skin.” In “Lignum”, she emphasises the history of the place and creates a work that is room to be in rather than a narrative to interpret.

Hamilton refers to the barn as a body. This exhibition has been permanent since 2002 at Wanås.

On the ground floor are shelves filled with packages in brown wrapping paper. In another room quotes from the Swedish novel, “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” by Selma Lagerlöv are projected on the wall (didn’t notice that). One of the young visitors thought it was Santa’s storage for Christmas. I love that!!!!!

1st floor, a parquet floor has been put in, alluding to the castle’s rooms. A circle- shaped disc in the floor revolves perpetually under our feet. Very tricky to get an image off – but when I put my bag beside the rotating circle it worked a bit better – but not perfect.

On the floor above are 42 beech wood tables with carved tops at hip height.

Next one up, several kilometres of warp thread is strung between the pillars like a weave reaching eye level. This was my favorite floor, but it took a while before I knew how to work it. Personal I love thoose 2 images.

On the top floor, clothes are sorted, hung and entwined above our heads. The most difficult floor to capture – there is a very special red light in the 2 top floors.

“It’s what you sow that multiplies,
not what you keep in the barn.”
Adrian Rogers

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