“the royal visit”

.. so now is everything back to normal and it’s a bit quite.

Worst of all when I put in the memory card in the PC it is corrupt – so that was me having to buy a recovery program … found one with 7 days trial for 5$ – excellent and easy program and in less, the 2 min my world was back on track again. The program is OSpeedy SD Card Recovery, I really recommend it. So easy to use.  Going to buy the full program, because I’m sure it will happen again.

After packing and re-packing a couple of times, Sue@WordsVisual is now back home in UK. Sue and I met of course here on WP, we have a couple of dates when I have been visiting the Southern part of UK … and we also had 5 very hot and fun days together in Warsaw last year in June.

We had a fabulous week and half of the time we spent with Ann Christine@Leya in her Vinslöv and she made sure that our dance program was full with interesting and beautiful experience and impression. All 3 of us share the camera thing – our cameras have been on overdrive. My Oscar he loved everything that was on offer, but ….

To our first adventure with Ann Christine, Wanås Slott, I had forgotten my spare battery … so I got only a few images … most from the great salmon salad we had for lunch. But I will return together with Ann Christine this coming week, so … I will get my desired needs saturated. I will come back to the castle that is famous for its outdoor art exhibition and beautiful setting, but it also serves excellent food. Only that is a good reason to go back … for more.

This post will be about Sue and my day here in Landskrona. Because of Sue’s health issue, there is a limit how much could be done … and especially how much walking is involved, but to visit Landskrona the castle, the summer garden cottages, our beautiful parks, all the public art and the seafront is a must. And Sue is a Supertrooper and a fighter, an iron lady … and together we manage for to see most of it.

Maybe I should mention that Landskrona is only 9 meters over the sea level and very flat …. so Landskrona has most bicycles per residents in Sweden and they are everywhere, for better and worst. 

Our day starts off with a little drizzle, but the sun came out  …. and it also gave us a stunning sunset … for FREE!

Sue is a true Globetrotter she tried all the Swedish delicatessen that was on offer – both at the castle cafe and in the evening. A Pickled herring sandwich isn’t the first choice of our visitors, but for Sue it was a big YES straight away. 

Landskrona Art Hall was on the wish list too, but that we saved for the next visit.

In the evening we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Hamnkrogen in Borstahusen. Borstahusen is a fishing village in northern Landskrona in Scania, in southern Sweden. It was founded in 1776 by the brothers Rasmus Andersson Borste and Jöns Andersson Borste, after whom the area is named.

We ended up with a very windy evening – maybe not a full storm, but not far off and it was very chilly inside the restaurant … we thought the roof was coming off at times.

We took the bus there – but get home we phoned for a taxi because the wind was wild, had to wait a while on it because there wasn’t that many taxies on duty and ours had been collected a passenger from Copenhagen Airport, but we came home safely.  

Sue, you should know that you’re more than welcome back …. whenever you feel for it, my bed are here for you – and I think it misses you a bit too.

“Visits always give pleasure–if not the arrival, the departure.”
Portuguese Proverb

15 thoughts on ““the royal visit”

    • Thank you, Loisa – glad I can be to any help … I love details, so that is what I’m going for in most images I take. It’s the water bottle … but I love that old fashion bottles. The flatware I have become a bit of expert on, always play round with table settings when I’m eating out. I hope you can see the fishing boat in the background. *smile Thanks again for your lovely comment.

    • Yes, it truly is … I have a couple of blogging sisters that have become “real life” friends with. We had a fantastic time and I hope there will be more of it. *smile

  1. Teehee, I like being a Supertrooper and a fighter, and a Globetrotter!! You got some great images of the great day we had, thanks for the memories! And of course I will be back….

  2. That is a very handy program, Vivi. Thank you for sharing. I had an SD card which is corrupted, and I used another program and only managed to recover some of my photos. Maybe I’ll give this one a go 😊 Lovely that all three of you got to meet up. Beautiful castle with beautiful greenery, much to see and the food looks delicious too. Wild wind. Good to hear you avoided it 😊😊

    • Yes, it’s an excellent program, Quick to use and easy to understand. First time I had this problem and to pay 39$ for the full program is still cheaper than letting somebody else recovery the card. I don’t know if it’s possible to pay 5$ more than once, maybe it’s and then it’s even better. Tried other programs and they didn’t even pick up the images. Or open them properly.
      Yes, it has been a great week .. with my blogging friends. Couldn’t believe the storm that came over us .. like a full autumn story and during the day it was nothing of it. Anyway, we came home safely. Have a great week, Mabel

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