a green door in vinslöv

This is a very special door …. for a very special lady and my friend, Ann-Christine@To See a World in a Grain of Sand, that I have been spending some lovely and very pleasant days together with my British friend, Sue@WordsVisual.

This is the door to the old dairy in Vinslöv, Sweden, where Ann-Christine has lived all her life. In the days when she was young and innocent, she always went to buy the milk at the dairy for her mum and had to enter this green door.

The building in itself is since the late 1890’s.

So this post and my images of the green door is my way to say THANK YOU to Ann-Christine for the fantastic hospitality and great friendship that came with great food, fantastic places … great nights sleep, interesting subjects, laughter, mosquito bites, egg & bacon for breakfast, loads of feeling good, homemade elderberry lemonade … and all the strawberries.

Will be back for more!!!!! Very SOON!!!!

“Fish and visitors smell in three days.”
Benjamin Franklin



20 thoughts on “a green door in vinslöv

  1. And I had such a great time with you, ladies ♥ Love your take on the door, and the little story to go with it! And don’t talk about the emptiness…since you left. But Totti is back, and he is a great comfort!

    • It was a true pleasure …. and joy! I’m glad that you have Totti back … and I’m sure he is glad to be back too. Thank you so much!!!

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