20 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – bridge

    • I’m having a great week … I have loads of love locks too .. but this is a wall – not on a bridge … but still the locks connect people. Sending you a duvet hug!!!!

  1. I wrote a poem about a padlocked bridge a couple of years ago after a conversation on WP with a Swedish girl who lives in Paris.

      • Oh no, it wasn’t that kind of poem 🙂 She’d done a post on her blog in which she included a photograph of one of the padlocks. Can’t remember exactly, but her post was something to do with ‘love’. I’d asked about the bridge, and we had a discussion about the symbolism etc. Later I wrote a poem called Words On A Bridge. It was included in my debut collection Heading North. If you visit this Amazon page you may be able to view the poem-some of the pages are enabled to be read without purchasing:

      • Congratulations to the fantastic reviews on you debut collection. I’m not a poetry person … don’t know why. But I really like your “Sea View” – I’m an old sailor, you see. Thank you so much for the link … and for sharing your story about the padlocks Good luck with you next collection, I’m sure there will be one. *smile

      • Thank you. I’m hoping for a second collection, but first I’m on the second draft of a novel. And that first collection finished not far from you: the whole layout of the book, travelling from south to north, youth to mortality facing, summer to winter, culminated in the poem Three Poems In Stockholm.

      • Andy, in my eyes … it will be an adventure in words. Stockholm I rate as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not because I’m Swedish. Also why I love my Sweden so much … that we have the 4 seasons … even if they are a bit mixed up those days.

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