travel diary – porto – my last day

Met the ocean, beaches and high waves. 

On my program was to visit Foz do Douro and the morning was made for it – sunny and blue sky … and only a tram ride away from the Palácio da Bolsa (Infante), 20 min along the river out to the open ocean .. and the old tram has perfect A/C – all windows open.

I can’t find any information how old the trams is that Porto now has in traffic today, they have only 3 lines left. But they are beautiful inside .. all wood details and leather seating. A truly pleasant ride that cost 3€ one way and tickets can only be bought on the trams, the travel cards are not accepted. Maybe the Porto card is.

The end station in Foz is at the garden of Passeio Alegre and there you meet the ocean and high waves. I was really going to Foz to visit the “Pérgola da Foz”, but it was 20 min walk in strong sun without any shade anywhere, just full blast – if I had used my brain I could have figured out that bus 500 would have taken me there, but something more that has gone on the “next time” list. Came home with a long “next time” list.

I walked through the beautiful garden (park) to the seafront and I felt so happy to hear the ocean and feel the sun. Just one of those moments when life can’t get any better.

In Portugal are all official flag at half mast to honour all the fire victims in the big wildfire that was tearing through nature and homes … in Pedrogão Grande, 64 dead so far.

After a short walk, I saw some umbrellas in some wooden building nearly at the beach so I went there – a fantastic spot to sit and enjoy life, X bar. Right on the beach with a fantastic view, great food and superb lemonade. Too early for port wine cocktail. Also, there was a bus stop for bus 500 just above it. Have to be smart when the heat is on.

What I understand was the bar & restaurant totally destroyed in a major fire in March 2015 and today it calls itself a beach bar … and I must say a very good one.

From my sundeck chair I could see the Porto’s amazing cruising terminal, Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões, it looked like “floating egg” (a dessert). It was 83 kilometres (52 miles) away from me, so the image isn’t that great .. also because the building is white. 

I just sat there for hours and hours .. had my 2 mini burger lunch and quite a few glasses of their lemonade. No worries in the world and I felt that out there in Foz, where the ocean docks … I could be happy living, but after checked out the property prices .. very clear that my assets will not get much, maybe a cleaning locker. But I’m playing the Euro Lotto every Friday.

My last day in Porto and I already wanted to come back …. one of my best holidays, even it had been some suffering … not only the heat and hills. I had also toothache (server – looked like I had the mumps) and been struggling a bit with a sore neck.

When I stepped of bus 500 on the top of the hill I stopped at one of the best ice cream cafes in the city,  Cremosi (FB) – and I passed every evening as I stepped out of the buses … and decided that I will give it my last bus ride. It was worth it and it also was the only ice cream I had during my 5 full days in Proto. They serve Nespresso Coffee, but no George Clooney in sight – busy with his twin babies I suppose.

The last meal I had was all about fish & seafood … down at the riverfront close to bridge at FishFixe. Couldn’t have got a better last meal! Splendid finishing on a wonderful stay… and that evening I took a taxi up the hills. In total, I only used taxi 3 times.

Porto, voltarei o quanto eu puder !!!

The cloud for this post … is one of my absolute favourite songs … first time I heard was in the Richar Gere movie “Primal Fear” from 1996, sang by Dulce Pontes. It’s a song abuts the ocean and the love to it. Maybe it’s why I love this song so much. It’s title “Cancao Do Mar ” means the song to the sea.

“Come to see
If the sea will be right
Come here and see
Dance my heart.

If I dance in my boat
I do not go to the cruel sea
And I do not tell you where I went to sing
Smile, dance, live, dream with you” 

27 thoughts on “travel diary – porto – my last day

  1. The song sounds like Summer and that last shot is a little bit of Porto magic, Vivi. You fiind the best spots! 🙂 🙂 The trams are fabulous inside, aren’y they? I have to confess I never got to Pergola da Foz either. We were seduced by a beach bar and just sat watching the waves, too. I don’t think my legs would carry me onwards when I finally got up but I do remember the wine was good.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one … then!!!! There will a next time. It had only been for take 500 – 2 stops … but I have to save some candies … *smile. Porto magic .. so true – my dinner table view during my last evening. Fantastic restaurant … !!!! Jo, I can’t wait to be able to book that flight back, but I have to do Florence first. *smile

      • Sue, but not Stockholm … we are staying here in Skåne and going to spend a couple of days with Leya. Stockholm is far away – 5-6 hours on a train. Next will be Berlin in August, if my friend is up for it. Everything booked, but I can’t get her to leave her apartment – she has gone very wired.

      • Really tough with my girlfriend … it really make life a bit heavy even for me. She just give up – not trying anything … Goggle have great maps over Sweden *smile

  2. You reminded me of a fish meal we had in Albufeira. They brought us servings of different fish until we said stop. It was excellent. We had side dishes including baby new potatoes and, of course, wine. I too want to go back to Portugal but not very likely now I’m afraid.

    • I didn’t have one bad dinner or lunch …. that fish restaurant is supposed to be one of the best in Porto and I liked everything they put in front of me … went to cod cakes, giant mussels and fresh tuna. Only evening I didn’t take a dessert – I’m a big pudding-girl. *smile – I’m so longing back already, but I have to come down a bit .. Berlin, Bruge, Lodz and Krakow are coming up .. and I have already booked Florence for the early spring next year, but have booked an apartment in end of May .. in Porto, but nothing paid yet.

      • Yes, I found a great apartment … just where the bus stop is by station – and the house has an elevator!!!!! I try to travel so much as possible while my feet are holding up, they are a massive problem for me. As I use to say … they haven’t stopped me, but they have slowed me down. Just love to travel.

  3. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    what a wonderful travel diary. Makes me want to buy a ticket and fly to Porto right away. I could use some serious time relaxing by the beach and going for a swim.
    I also play the Friday lottery – one of these days we’ll board the Queen…!
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday and many hugs xo 🙂

  4. I love to be by the ocean too – now I live the farthest away than ever at 6 miles! Must be from when you were chef on the ships. I can’t believe you left the ice cream until the last day. I wouldn’t have that willpower 🙂 I loved reading your Porto diary – made me want to go back 🙂

    • Yes, I’m 100% sure it has to with all my years at sea – that I want to be where the ocean docks. Yes, I surprised myself regarding the ice cream, but I think it was more an award that I have I had made up R. de Mouzinho de Silveira for 5 days. I want to go back too.

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