travel diary – port – day 4

The train ride to rain, thunder and beautiful boats. 

Monday, and Aveiro was on my program – have heard and also read so much about this town south of Porto with beautiful houses and boats … called Portugal’s Venice.

Early start for me – was at the station 8.45am, but I had breakfast and ready for a new great day. It felt nice to get away from the hot Porto for a day. It was a sunny morning.

Train very comfortable … clean and departures on time, 09.05. There were loads of stops along the away and the sky was getting darker and dark … so I soon started to worry about my day outside of Porto. It takes 1hr 15 min to Aveiro and there is a train leaving every hour the São Bento or The Campahã station. A day return ticket cost me 7 Euros, very good price and it was a nice journey .. over bridges, through valleys, and along the ocean.

When the train stopped at Aveiro station – the heaven opened up BIG TIME!!! The sky was black and thunder landed on me too. So I stayed at the station .. on a platform and saw trains coming and going for nearly an hour.

The new station is big, but offers are very poor, but they had some funny art (cows). So sat there and the train from and to Lisbon was arriving and leaving. For a weak moment, I was thinking about going back to Porto, but I hold on and the sky was getting brighter. 

It was still a little bit unsteady when I left the station … and to avoid the rain I landed on a very posh shopping centre, Forum (only Portugee) … but they had a food court and I found a cafe to wait out the rain at. Was chatted up by a very nice German gentleman, pensioner that now lived in Aveiro. Decide I will have the biggest bun there was on offer – it was very good and so was the coffee. Had about 20 min with the German gentleman. Then the sun came out and that was me … bye and thanks.

I walked along the canals – the boats are so beautiful and they are all carrying tourists today. There was some stunning old house, that I already have presented in my post; “houses of aveiro”

There was nothing happening along the canals … no nice restaurants or shops – just canals, boats, 2 hotels, a couple of cafes and a nice enough park.

For lunch, I had to make my way into the back streets and there was plenty of them .. on the small squares. Found one that had grilled sardines on the menu – got a table outside and enjoyed my lunch. Very nice staff and excellent service plus they had their washrooms behind massive wine racks, Restaurante Pensão Ferro.

I was playing with the thought to take a taxi back to the station, but because the weather was great and pleasant I decide to walk back up – not a steep hill. *smile – on the way I passed a very nice shop with handbags and there I found a beautiful backpack made in Greece, for one of my girlfriend’s birthday. And I saw some more nice houses.

The old railway station is like a jewel, so beautiful and under restoration (I hope) – loads or fences around it. And I returned to the station just in time for the Porto train, 19 min passed every hour.

Had after all a great day, glad I didn’t take the train back during the rain, but I don’t understand why there is such a hyper to visit Aveiro. Now I been there, seen the boats … but I didn’t buy a T-shirt. Maybe I should give Aveiro a second chance next time, because I’m going to visit Costa Nova and to get there I have take the train to Aveiro and then bus.

There was a little technical problem with the train … somebody thought that we had been driving over something, but after 15 min we were on route again. In Porto, there hadn’t been any rain??? 

That evening I had a fabulous dinner and evening at the restaurant at Porto Stock Exchange Palace, Palácio da Bolsa.  Restaurante O Comercial, an evening of indulgence and it will, of course, get its own post. “Palácio da Bolsa” is one of the most famous buildings in Porto and one of the most popular tourist attractions, on my next time – do it list. It’s supposed to stunningly beautiful inside.

Land was created to provide
a place for boats to visit.”
Brooks Atkinson


12 thoughts on “travel diary – port – day 4

  1. So… not a love affair then, but you can’t love everyone 🙂 🙂 My postcard arrived today and I had forgotten to expect one so it was a lovely surprise. 🙂 Thank you! The boats are lovely and I’d have been on board and off down the canals, but maybe the weather was a little undecided. It has poured here all day and quite a bit of yesterday so I’m becoming used to it. 😦 There is one absolutely lovely shot, Vivi, of 2 boats and their reflections in front of a pastel building. What a beauty!

  2. Ohh, so many nice views and experiences in this town and still you didn’t like it! 😉 I guess rain and tourists ruined it for you. Yes, give it another chance! I love the houses and the boats, and the cows! And your lunch looks excellent. But most of all I love the quote at the end and will reblog it one of these days and link back to you.

    • Manja, I don’t know why we didn’t click … I think I expected too much, had read som much about it. You don’t have to link it back to me … it’s out there on google. I love the quotes too. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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