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I did a day trip to Aveiro during my Porto visit – about 50 min train journey from Porto. To be honest, Aveiro didn’t live up to what I had expected from everything I have read and seen about the city. 

When I left Porto was it a beautiful sunny morning – when I arrived in Aveiro it was the sky black, heavy downfall and thunder. But when I saw the old station house from the platform I forgot about the weather. It was love at first sight.

Its facade is covered with blue Portuguese tiles, (tiling) telling a story of an everyday life in ancient times. The station was built in 1861 and its door opened on April 10, 1864.

To convert this beautiful building to private living wouldn’t be suitable because the new station is only a few steps away and tracks in use next to it. I hope that will give it some tenderness … and restore it.

Aveiro is a city on the west coast of Portugal set along a lagoon called Ria de Aveiro. It’s distinguished by its canals navigated by colourful boats (barcos moliceiros), traditionally used to harvest seaweed. Around 80.000 people live there. Aveiro is located 80 km south of Porto. Very popular tourist destination.

There was a couple of more beautiful house that I fell in love with – a pity that I didn’t fall in love with the town. Don’t know why we didn’t click … maybe it is too much tourist orientate.

I fell in love with a little turquoise house that looks like it been stood empty for a while and slowly decaying – if it could be moved and I had the money I would go for it. Looked at property for sale, but can’t find it. 

I call it a pretty little house, but maybe it isn’t little. It can go far in the back, but the details are so refined and still in good shape. I don’t think it has been empty for a long time or maybe somebody owns it, but don’t look after it very well. Anyway, it makes my heart cry to see a house like this without any love and care. 

Google just told me that my dream house is the Art Nouveau Museum (Arte Nova) – so why do they not look after it better and why wasn’t open???? Just found out it’s closed on Monday!!!! There is a very popular tea room in the building.

So that was it with my wild dream.

Wonder if Sunflowers has something to do with Aveiro???!!! Because I saw them little everywhere in decorations around the city centre.

The 3rd house that I wouldn’t mind moving into, just magnificent and off the main street in Aveiro.

There is suppose to be some candy stripped houses too … that I didn’t see – have to do some research about where to find them – and that gives me a reason to go back to Aveiro again. I’m sure I missed a lot of beautiful houses, I just walked a small part of the city. Just found out those house are is in Costa Nova, about 15 km drive from Aveiro .. along white sandy beaches. Sounds good to me.  Added to my do-it list.

I’m sure I missed a lot of beautiful houses, I just walked a small part of the city. Just found out that those house are is in Costa Nova, about 15 km drive from Aveiro .. along white sandy beaches. Sounds good to me. They are called “palheiros”. Add to my next-time-list … will spend a night out there. 

Even if Aveiro and I didn’t click … I had a great day and I’m glad I got on that train as planned and didn’t take the next train back because of the weather.

“Property has its duties as well as its rights.”
Thomas Drummond

14 thoughts on “houses of averio

    • Yes, the house was like candy … and the boats too. Doing fine … got toothache in Porto and sore neck, been to dentist today .. have a remove a crown and fill root canal, that tooth has 3 roots. But haven’t had any pain for 5 days. So life is good .. but it was a lot better in Porto. *smile

  1. Odd that you relished the houses so much but didn’t click with the spirit of the town! And your “little” turquoise house didn’t ever look little to me. I love the curves around the second door. Interesting question about sunflowers – they feature in iron railings in Warsaw too.

    • Meg, it was very hard to avoid the pretty houses. I’m glad that my “little” house is in use … I guess it’s quite big if it’s a museum with tea-house. Maybe it has some to do with the Art Nouveau – the sunflowers I mean. *smile

  2. Those tiles are called azulejos Vivi. Pronounced ashuleshosh – each sh is a hard sound. I was made to practice it by our hotel waitress. She eventually bought me a set of tiles. Some of the best tiling we saw was in the Sagres Area where, at the cape (Cabo de Sao Vincente) there is a monument to Henry the Navigator with a museum and tiling galore. Long way from where you were though.

    • See, we learn something new every day … there is a couple countries that have blue and white tile .. like Turkey and Netherlands. I love the really like .. especially that tells a story – Aveiro old station house is like a story book and same with the station in Porto. Thank you for the information, Jo.
      Cape St. Vincent – what a beautiful spot. Google helped me.

  3. You have some lovely captures, Vivi. Funny they haven’t restored the station, isn’t it? Especially when you look at what they’ve done with Sao Bento and some of the other stations along the Douro (another trip for next time 🙂 ) Glad you found out about the stripey houses for me. I expected them to be in Aveiro too. Hugs, darlin!

    • Thank you, Girlfriend …. there was lovely motive and subjects for Oscar to work, I will go back next time … and also go to Costa Nova, maybe spend a night out by sandy beaches. I didn’t know about the stripey house until I started on this post. I’m sure there is some plans for the old station building – because it’s one of Aveiro’s landmarks. Afternoon hug.

  4. I hope the museum is renovated for your next visit (not a Monday!). The old station is so pretty and so are the stripy houses – definitely ones not to miss next time.

    • I think it only need a bit of paint .. sure it all fine inside – but I think it was me that maybe was a bit too picky. The stripy house is a MUST next visit, about 30 min bus ride from Aveiro. Will probably stay for a night. Looks lovely out there on the white sand dunes.

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