travel diary – porto – day 2

A day far too hot to handle!

I forgot that it was Saturday and took the metro out to Matosinhos (a major fishing port) and Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos – had to change metro at Trindade and that last journey was very long and very warm. The A/C in the train didn’t work. It wasn’t a fun ride … and it wasn’t only around 10.30 in the morning. Not a good sign. 

The Mercado (Market) was nearly empty on fish & seafood … they were closing up for the weekend, but it was nice and cool in there.  Upstairs was the vegetable & fruit market .. and also a market for roosters, chicken and hens – kept in small painful cages … the poor birds had no feathers on their necks and it made me feel sick – so I passed that area very quickly. And I couldn’t get myself to capture any images neither.

There were small restaurants and cafes, but it looked like they would have become very upset if I had sat down at one of them – they were closing up too.

I bought some nectarines and I so envied on all the quality of the greens, vegetables, and fruit. We don’t have fresh products like that … not even close. Wonder why????!!!!!

One thing was for sure that I wasn’t taking the metro back to the city …. so I had to figure out which bus I should take – and after enjoying one nectarine in the sunshine bus 501 came and it was very nice and cool!!!! On the bus, I realised that it will pass Museu Serralves, the museum for contemporary art – that is located in a stunningly beautiful park, Parque e Jardim da Fundação Serralves.

So I jumped off the bus and I met a beautiful combination of monument and fountain, Monumento ao Empresário -created by José Rodrigues in 1992. It comprises a streaky marble sphere of 3.5m wide; an irregular prism of 20m high and irregular equilateral base of 6m wide; an irregular prism of 10m high and irregular equilateral base of 5m wide; a pyramid of 4m high and triangular equilateral base of 1m wide. The sculptural whole is enlivened with water and light effects.

There was a seagull that had the right idea about the fountain: drinking and showering, at that moment I would do anything to be that seagull!!! * laughing … with cold wet feet.

It was now frying hot in the sun and it was about 20 min walk to the museum in that heat. I thought I would enter a pleasant cold building – how wrong couldn’t I be, but it wasn’t that hot as outside. 5€ for seniors was the fee and that included the park too. Their famous teahouse out in the park was closed for the day and that was good otherwise I probably would have gone there – out in the heat again.

Started off with a brunch buffet in their restaurant and I had hoped that I could enjoy it outside under an umbrella, but no way!!! The buffet was okay and to a price of 16€ – couldn’t go wrong. The hot dishes wasn’t the greatest, but the salads, cold cut and the desserts made up for it. Enjoyed my lunch.

After lunch, I had plans to see their exhibitions and take a walk in the park. The building in itself is supposed to be beautiful from the outside too .. a flat white building, but I never made it to the park.

The inside architecture is of course very contemporary and minimalistic – beautiful clean lines and very nice staff everywhere. The shows they had on wasn’t very interesting – but there was a couple of pieces that caught my eyes. It was fairly busy and all ages, maybe they thought like me …. that they will have a cool afternoon.

So I never made it out in the park, the heat was just unbearable … so that is on my MUST-DO-list for next visit – that I hope will happen next year already.

After 2 hours I had to walk down to the main road to capture the bus back – and during that 20 min walk, I thought I was going to die – no shade on neither side of the street. Of course with being Saturday the buses didn’t come that often .. and it was just getting more and more unbearable … and at the bus stop, there was nowhere to sit down. A lovely Belgian lady was waiting too and if she hadn’t been so chatty I think I had fainted. She kept me going.

Of course, when the bus finally arrived it was packed, not a seat .. and it was a 20 min ride back to the city center and the A/C didn’t work neither. I thought that I will stay until the end station that lay above the hostel, I will have downhill all the way back to cold shower and comfortable bed.

When I stepped off the bus I didn’t have a clue where I was … but after a while, I understood that I was at the back of the ViaCatarina Shopping – but to reach the street in front of the mall I had to walk steep hill – NO WAY!!! in that heat. So I walked down hill .. and when I saw the taxi rank – that was me. TAXI!!!!!!!

Back in my room I took a long cold shower – went to bed .. it was about 4pm and I woke up again 9pm – got dresses walked up to the hostel and enjoyed a lovely pasta dish, a glass of red wine .. dessert and coffee for 25€. Excellent and after that was it me back in bed again.

If it hadn’t been for that nice Belgian lady at the bus stop I probably started crying … there on my own … my feet – no, my whole body just had enough of the heat. I was on a verge to meltdown!

When I woke up the following morning I felt great .. and Porto had overcast and a pleasant breeze. Life was good again.

“A nickel will get you on the subway,
but garlic will get you a seat.”

15 thoughts on “travel diary – porto – day 2

    • Mag, not really – but somehow I always end up it … I think it was like in Warsaw, but there I could find shade … this day were none to be find. I think the was the metro ride that got the day off on a bad foot. Also there wasn’t any wind.
      Going back in end of May or beginning of October next time *smile Because I will be back!

  1. Ohhh, I know how you felt. Right now it’s been about 40 degrees C in Rome and I only go out to walk the dog and I almost die. Still, great to travel with you (including that nap).

    • Thank you so much, Manja .. I have felt like that once before – in Seville and it was +42 – I just didn’t know what to do with myself .. and no taxis around neither.

  2. Ouf! I would NOT manage in that heat… it has been late 20s, early 30s and humid, and I have done NOTHING for 5 days. The last 2 days have been better, and I am beginning to feel like a human being again

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