may I serve some porto (random)

So I’m back in the reality … after 6 fabulous nights in Porto, Portugal – what a treat it has been … even it the hills is seriously tough to walk upward … and the heat was on. It’s truly a place for “epicureans” (do I use the right word here???) in good shape.

Haven’t worked through all my images yet …. it will take a while – don’t ask me about any historical sights … for me, it has only been enjoying life when it’s as BEST and to survive the hills and the heat!!! +32C/+89F … without a breeze.

And I was drinking port wine nearly every day …. and I don’t like port!!!!!! Especially Sandeman’s creation and now famous drink “Porttonic” – that is served everywhere. But I also drank a lot of lemonade.

“Simply enjoy life and
the great pleasures that come with it.”
Karolina Kurkova


18 thoughts on “may I serve some porto (random)

  1. Ah Porto, such an adictive place. Loving your images and can’t wait to hear what you thought about it. Port tonic – delicious on a hot day. Looking forward to hearing more about this lovely little city.

    • Mrs Jones, I have a lot to say and share when it comes to Porto. I really enjoyed every wake minute I had …. people are so friendly and genuine. I can move there … but out to Foz! Porttonic, great anytime .. anyday. Can’t wait to introduce it to my girlfriends. Just have to get my head around how I will tell my story about about Oporto.

    • Thank you, Otto …yes, I was talked into it and I try to do like locals do .. when I travel. I still don’t like port on its own, but all the great drinks they have there … with port as main ingredients tasted all more. Especially “Porttonic”. It’s a truly delightful place. Life feels so good in Porto.

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