weekly photo challenge – out of focus

“When life gets blurry,
adjust your focus”

Gothenburg tram … after a night out with my girlfriends – I took a taxi back to the hotel.

Landskrona’s public chrismtas tree in close up … last year – also taken after a night out on the town, but very foucused … and I took the bus.

This is now me …. on my way to Porto in Portugal … for some history, beauty, sunshine … great food and wine, but no portwine. I wish you a pleasant week … with or without blur!!!!!

We don’t always have to stay focus!!!! Talking from experiance. *smile


31 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – out of focus

    • Nottingham ???!!! What is going on there. Enjoy yourself. I have just checked in at the hostel … very vibrant place, but I’m in house on the other side of the street … Very big city, Porto … and the airport is massive. Tomorrow I will start to take it on. *smile Porto hugs ..

    • Only been in Porto a couple of hours … love what I seen so fare, big city … and a massive very posh airport. Nicer then Lisbon’s. Tomorrow will take it head on, but first a visit to the hairdresser. Thank you so much … should look for a hat here???? Lots to you both.

    • I have been a bit blurry today … but okay now. Hostel is great, living in a house on my own. Talk about hills, Sue … worst then Edinburgh. Great locatio n and the weather is a bit hot. Lisbon had +31. My luck, but it’s slightly colder here. Thank you so much!!!!

    • I was auprised how big the city is … and the airport blow the socks of me. I like what I seen so far and people are very kind and . helpful. Staying at a hostel that have double rooms with private bathrooms. I can use portwine in a sauce or dessert, but not drink it. Too sweet for me, but I don’t like sherry neither.

    • *smile … I normally delete mine too .. but the tram those two images I really like – I know I have a 3rd hidden somewhere. Just had a lovely fresh salad, after that over to my room .. and tomorrow I will hit Porto.
      Warm evening hug!

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    • I know … but there I had help with the little guide book the hotel provided us with. Today I haven’t been focused … first I got lemonade over my cabin bag … and later cafe latte over the whole of me .. and the cup wasn’t big, don’t have a clue where all that coffee came from. Soak wet I was all over the front of me and .. there is plently of that part of me. There is a couple of more famous Vivi quotes … but not many. My personal favourite is ” you have to be healthy to be sick” – just checked in at the hostel … okay, but Gdansk was better. Okay for 250 € for 6 nights with breakfast. I think you nail on when it comes to my travel, I’m pretty focused. It is warm and nice. Lisboa had +31 today both outside and inside the airport.

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