reality and fiction merge together – the dream about swan lake

Yesterday I enjoyed a fantastic new version of “Swan Lake” … I really liked it, at the Malmö Opera House and it was my 6th time ….but the storyline and costumes were very new. It’s more about the struggle that dancers to get that special part that will change their life.

It’s the Swedish dancer and choreographer, Pär Isberg’s (born 1955) version and view on the ballet of all ballets.
Pär was educated at the Royal Theater’s ballet school and was employed at the 1974 Opera Ballet. He became soloist 1980 and premier dancer in 1987.

He has worked together with the French world famous costume designer Jèrôme Kaplan to create a timeless look for the timeless story, but still get present into the storyline … there were both Ipads and mobile phone on stage and .. the customs are lush and rich in colours and material, in a design that the youth can relate to too … today, but still keeping that classic timeless look.  Jèrôme Kaplan’s has said that a customs start with the music, which is true when it comes to this version of “Swan Lake”.

They met the first time in Peking .. and did a tour to the Great Wall together and kept in contact. This is the first time Jèrôme is working with a Swedish premiere.

Unfortunately were no mobile phone or camera allowed during the performance and there is very little images on Google with the rich costumes, which is a pity because normally Swan Lake has mostly white costumes but Jèrôme have used rich colours like dark red, greens, blue and purples, but not one image of those customes at Google. 

It was a guest performance by the Royal Ballet in Stockholm and they had German conductor Wolfgang Wengenrothh with them too. He was the conductor for the show at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm which had première on 7th of April this year.It’s based entirely on Pjotr Tchaikovsky music but, just like in other versions of Svansjön, Pär has changed the order of some parties.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s music strikes my heart so soon it starts … there is a lot of lovely ballet music out there .. but nothing like the Swan Lake. The ballet was premiered by the Bolshoi Ballet on 4 March 1877 at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

Pär’s version is a celebration to the dancers … the story is about a theatre director that want to put up “Swan Lake” on her theatre, it’s about audition and flight to get a part in the performance and to be the prima ballerina and to be dancing the part of Odette/Odile. It cleans the love struggle between the choreographer, the premier dancer and the young dance queue and generates a triple role and two double roles on the theme of life choice: the art or life.

Pär attaches to both the swear and the fragile beauty that lies in Svansjön, depicting the strong feelings that drive the characters.

Classical technology is and remains the main thing, while the saga and life of the dream factory as well as depicted in passing. But this version has a happy ending … in the traditional story does Odette and Prince Siegfried drown. Here they walked away from the ballet ensemble together  … and dance and life go on without them.

The art or life is the choice in Pär’s new interpretation of the ballet’s ballet. His “Dream of Swan Lake” is a triumph for all contributors. I got a lot of ballet and beautiful music for the money.

Had to mix my own images from the venue with performance images from Goggle for this post.

“Real men don’t lift weights, they lift women.”
Male ballet dancer

2 thoughts on “reality and fiction merge together – the dream about swan lake

  1. It sounds fabulous, Vivi! I’d love to have seen it. 🙂 You have to be really dedicated to get anywhere in the theatrical world. Funnily enough I’m reading a novel about the struggles of a young performer, married to a former Captain in the Second World War. He has his traumas originating from that and forbids her to go on stage. It’s well written. 🙂
    Damp Bank Hol here so our walk has been cancelled. Sigh! Still smiling and sending hugs 🙂

    • Jo, you would have loved it too … it’s a long time since I seen a ballet – living in UK it was a different ball game. All the shows in London .. and the Nutcracker at Christmas time. To be a ballet dancer must be a very hard, demanding and tough job … there isn’t a lot of money in it neither until they become premier dancer or solo dancers. Same with acting.
      We have a very grey Monday … rain coming up for tomorrow. Laundry day today. Tumble drier hugs …

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