a prefect beauty box (I)

… have now been a member of Glossybox for quite a few year and it’s not very often … that I get something that I really like, most products my girlfriends has to fight over.

But when it has happened that I really like something ….  there is the problem that the products I like I can’t buy in Sweden. So annoying.


Still, I subscribe on the box every month. Doesn’t cost that much and it’s fun to see what there is new out there and my girlfriends get some candies.

Twice a year the Swedish Glossybox provide a full-size box, one for Mothers Day and one for Christmas. That means that all products are full size and upmarket products. The monthly boxes contain testers and one full-size product. It is different in prices – the monthly is 14€ and the full-size box costs 33€.

This year the Mothers Day box has a retail value of 153€ and I must say it’s the first box where I will keep everything myself and I’m sure I will get some new favourites out of it.

There is quite a lot to say about the products so I will interduce 2 products at the time.

Let’s start with the lipstick, I haven’t used lipstick since I was 23 years old … when I had a boyfriend that I fancy very much didn’t want to kiss me when I had lipstick on. So I stopped using it and only a few time through all those years have I worn lipstick and when I have I haven’t felt comfortable. Don’t like the feeling .. feel filthy. I’m lucky that I have a good natural shade on my lips.


  • STYLondon Flower stick … I will use this because I don’t feel I have a lipstick on. This what STYLondon are saying about their product:

“This luscious, handmade flower lip balm stick is enriched with avocado oil, vitamin E and 24k gold flakes to super hydrate and moisturise the lips. A dried flower is carefully placed in the middle of each lipstick, making each lipstick different to one and other and unique.

The Tickled Me Pink lip balm stick is a remarkable transparent jelly lipstick that transforms into a beautiful rose pink as soon as it touches your lips. By reacting and adapting to the natural pH of your lips, this lipstick becomes your own unique shade of rose petal pink, blending in perfectly with your complexion.”

Have only tried it once and I really like the colour it gave my lips.

Retail price in UK, 2,2g: 19.90£/23€


  • Manna Kader Cosmetics – Sheer Glo, a Californian company that I have got other products to try before through Glossybox, but this the best product by miles. A fantastic illuminator in a very practical pump bottle. You can use it on a natural skin or mix with your foundation. This is an especially amazing product for mature or dry skin. Gives gorgeous glow.
    Universal Shade for all skin tones
    Mix with foundation, BB cream, or body lotion to create a dewy glow
    Use as highlighter on cheeks
    Gives a radiant and youthful look
    Use on face, décolleté, or body for an all-over radiant look
    Paraben free
    Cruelty free

This is going to be one of my favourites …  apply with hands or brush.

Retail price in USA, 30ml; 20$/27€

The Glossybox concept is available in 10 countries around the world, founded in Germany 2011.

“Skin care must be good enough to eat!”
Joanna Runciman


2 thoughts on “a prefect beauty box (I)

  1. 🙂 Hello Wivi,
    congratulations on your box.
    Good to see and hear that some boxes are just perfect.
    We know that with the regular Glossy Boxes it isn’t always the case.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend 🙂 xo

    • Yes, it was a full jackpot this time. Have complained to them about the monthly boxes, but .. nothing has gone any better – but still .. fun to get. Lots …

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