thank you, guys …. for the gold!!!!!

and Henrik Lundqvist … thanks for being the amazing goalkeeper as you are!!!!

You’re THE KING!!!!!

Plus your are the sexiest ice hockey player in the world.  Just have to mention that!

And the winner is SWEDEN!!!!!! Sweden’s 10th!!!!

Thank you so much!!!! You ALL been fantastic.

Welcome home!!!

8 thoughts on “thank you, guys …. for the gold!!!!!

  1. Congratulations to Sweden. Of course as a Canadian I’m not particularly happy with the outcome. I hate it when games end up in a shoot out but your goalie won you the game.

  2. Is he the one who used to play for the New York Rangers? He really is the most gorgeous hockey player I’ve seen. It was hard to cheer against him when they played the LA Kings… 😉 Nice to see he’s not retired. And congrats!

    • Hi there, he is still playing with Rangers …. in the Swedish team, his twin brother was playing too. They are very look alike, but he doesn’t have Henrik’s intense eyes. I think it was him that did the first goal in the match. Thank you so much! We needed this win. Sweden lost in the Winter Olympic’s last in the final against Canada. Great with good news for a change.

    • Yes, hockey is a big thing in Sweden and we are a lot better in hockey than we are in football, even if that is a big thing too. I like a good hockey game, not like football that much. Ice hockey is so much faster .. action all the time. *smile. So your mum has been in Luleå .. I haven’t. That is far up in the country and it’s still snowing up there, which isn’t normal. *smile

      • Hihi, yes, she was there in the winter! Had to change planes twice! The last plane had to be defrosted first! And she is terrified of flying. Maybe one day you manage… 😉

      • I been a little higher up in Gällivare … and in the winter it’s dark all the time, I can image it’s beautiful in the summer. I been on a plane that has been defrosted in Germany .. they just spray them with something, but there is a lot of flights that has to be defrosted .. it’s a long wait. Happens quite often in at Swedish airports in the winter.

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