quite sunday afternoon by the pond

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

… there wasn’t much action going on outside our backyard – the backyard was busy with neighbours and their friends … kids were playing and some of the ladies were just enjoying the sun. Very windy and not that warm, but the sun is good reason enough being outdoors.

I was on a mission to visit the pond and check out if my swan couple had got any cygnets yet.

NO cygnets, she still broods … and Mr Swan I couldn’t see anywhere. I feed the ducks … and there by the pond was no wind at all and the sun was really burning. Not much action around the pond neither, more than that the seagulls tried to take the bread away from the ducks.

I think next weekend the cygnets will swimming around well protected by mum and dad. I hope nothing has happened to him, I saw him a week ago … maybe he was spending the afternoon with his mates.

I sat in the sunshine for about 40 min and then I walked home again through the school park. Some ladies was enjoying the sunshine and using the park’s new wooden “sunchairs” – new for this season.

Then the peace was over one of those idiots to “boy racers” was speeding down the main street … and only a couple of minutes they came back with a police car on their tail. I was just going to cross the street when they came flying. There are so many kids crossing that road from the park. I could feel the draft from the car as it passed me. I really hope the police got them.

Tomorrow is it time for me to enjoy Hans Zimmer in Copenhagen … missed out his European tour last year, when I was in Budapest did I see that he are back with his orchestra and choir. Didn’t get the best seats in the house, but it will the closest I get to Hollywood and probably the only chance to enjoy his music alive.

His concert in Stockholm is sold out. In my ear is he the best composer in Hollywood today.


Just love his music and done so since I saw Ridley Scott’s “Black Rain” with Micheal Douglas and Andy Garica, in 1989. The beautiful scores he has done to the “Gladiator”, “Da Vinci Code”, “Lion King” and “The Last Samurai”. He has done around 140 film scores in total.  I have chosen his score to “Pearl Harbor” as the cloud for this post.

Hopefully I will be able to capture some okay images … from my balcony seat, but I’m there for the music …. and I paid good money for it.


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