weekly photo challenge – heritage (II)

“I have lived by a country road throughout my life,
And seen people come and go,
I saw the harvests grow on my turf in peace,
While the storks building their nests.
I saw our spring break,
I heard autumn storms roar,
I watched the wild geese migration under the evening sky.
I have lived by  a country road throughout my life,
And seen people come and go” 

….. one of my strongest personal heritage is my beautiful county, Scania (Skåne) – born here in 1948, left 1963 …. returned for good in 2009 after doing the world unsafe for over 20 years.

This time of the year is very special to me and I missed it so much during my years abroad … when our famous rapeseed fields are in full bloom – against the blue sky or ocean, the true Swedish colours. Fields and fields … and fields. It’s like the sun has landed on earth.

“Lucky that the internet is available otherwise,
you would never understand
what the Scanians are saying.”


26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – heritage (II)

  1. Absolutely stunning! This truly captures Skåne. I lived there myself on and off during my later teenage years and early twenties and I always found these vast yellow fields breathtaking. I love your description–like the sun has landed on earth. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

    • Thank you, Lotta …. could it be that you’re Swedish. Sweden is a truly beautiful country will all it’s different landscapes and nature … but Skåne are very special. Even in the winter .. as a kid I remember the really cold winter with meters of snow. Doesn’t happen anymore. We had a REAL winter in 2010-11 – down to -16C and 1,5 meter of snow on Österlen. That is how winters should be. Thank you so much for your visit and for taking the time to comment. Welcome back!

  2. The rapeseed. What a sight, and you must have never wanted to leave. Amazing shots all round, from so many angles too. What a talented photographer 🙂 Blue sky day too. Such a lovely day to be out and about. Hope you got to run through some of them…though farmers might not be too happy.

    We have something similar here in Australia in the spring – we have yellow canola plants and fields. They are as yellow as the ones in your photo. Last year I went out to see some and ran through some of the yellow plants and the farmer sent a big black eagle after me 😀

    • No, we are not allowed to run through farmed land. Even if all nature belongs to Swedish people by law. It smells terrible too. It’s also called canola – so it’s the same flower. I can image that the farmer wasn’t to pleased with your behavior. BAD GIRL!!! They can’t grow rapeseed more then one year on a field, then the earth/ground has to rest for up to 2 years. This year nearly every farmer field has it, last year nothing. I just love it .. and specially when it sunny and blue sky like we had it now for a couple of days. So beautiful.

      • You are correct in calling me bad girl. I hopped the fence to get a closer look. I didn’t think it smelt bad, but some of the flowers left a stain on my pants. But it serves me right as I was up to no good at all 😀

        I hope you get to see more rapeseed at some point. But they come around spring once a year (like here in Australia) so be quick…

      • Our county is famous for its rapeseed field – miles and miles of them .. but they move around every year. They have already peaked, so now we wait for next year .. *smile It’s a truly inviting thing .. so in a way, I understand your behavior *smile

      • Please do not copy my behaviour ever running into a rapeseed field. It’s more dangerous than it sounds 🙂 And now, onto summer for you and I am sure, on to more beautiful landscape sights too. Take care, Vivi. Always a pleasure looking at your photo ❤

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  5. Beautiful images of Skane County. Definitely a place that I would want to visit when in Europe. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The vivid yellow in your photos is striking. I really want to go there after reading this post! Thanks for sharing. My partner Andy and I love storks. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about storks in case you have time to look? Have a good afternoon, Sam 🙂

    • Sam, you are so welcome to Scania!!!!! We love our visitors. *smile! Our storks are getting less and less. But there is a village outside Vienna who has a stork nest on every house. Lovely. I will pop over later. Thanks for the visit .. and for the lovely comment. *smile

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