maybe our first day of summer

It was a wonderful “summer day” yesterday too …. but I didn’t dare to undress too much, but today … I dared to leave the jacket home, put my new red spring dress on (not too summary with a 3/4 sleeve) and my white feet into a pair of summer shoes. No sandals yet. Have to take it step by step. I felt really good when I entered the summer and toke it on.

I hope it’s not our only day of summer this year and that I don’t end up with a cold again. 

It’s lovely …. out there. I went to the supermarket for some bits and bobs … and had my first soft ice for the year – and life feels SooOoOOooO good. We also have a very pleasant warm wind.

Walking home I passed through the Teather Park and the lilac are blooming – so it must be summer now!!! 

Time to check on my swan couple … and see if there are any newcomers in the pond. Maybe one week more … but I will pay them a visit this weekend.

“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”
Roman Payne

11 thoughts on “maybe our first day of summer

    • Thank you, Maralee … yes, the spring has been very wired over here too … with snow in May too, but not were I live, but very cold. Hopefully the summer will make up for it. *smile

  1. Aren’t they a lovely sight? I started the morning with breakfast in the garden, then Mick played hookey from work and we went to Belsay Hall, just north of Newcastle. They have a huge quarry with rhododendrons. Fabulous! And on the lake, Mama and Papa swan and 7 little ones. 🙂 🙂 They were far out and I couldn’t get a good shot, so I enjoyed yours.

    • My image is a couple of years old … haven’t meet this year’s newcomers .. I think it will be another week. I just adore them. Our park pond isn’t that big … and I will take some bread with me. I will give them a visit over the weekend, hopefully things has happened. *smile

    • You just reminded me that I don’t have any ice cream at home????!!!!!!! Tomorrow. I wish you a great weekend with loads of sun. Weekend hug.

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