weekly photo challenge – heritage


(Love is the best service, don’t even think about self-satisfaction)

For me, Japan stands for a very strong heritage in modern time, their respect for the old, nature, the present and future is mindblowing. They live in the most modern society and they have an unbelievable connection with their heritage and they foster tender their heritage for generastions to come. Plus that love and marriage has been around so long as … marriage our strongest heritage, doesn’t matter where we live on earth.


24 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – heritage

  1. I completely agree about marriage! I really enjoyed these shots. Our younger daughter studied Japanese for some years and even had the chance to go there for a six-week class. What an experience!


    • Thank you, Janet …. Japanese isn’t easy to learn. Have a friend that have learned for over 10 years .. and he always say that he are only half way. Luck .. daughter, I wouldn’t mind spending 6 weeks in Japan. Fantastic country and people.

  2. You know my friend Cathy is working in Japan at present? One of her recent blogs showed that same distinctive headgear on the bride. 🙂 Weddings! Gotta love them. Everybody is so happy 🙂 🙂

    • Working in Japan …. wow!!!!! I wouldn’t mind doing that. Yes, they have special built cars for transporting the brides and their hair. Yes, I love weddings too .. happy and fun. Even if I don’t really believe in them. *laughing.

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