20 days left … welcome back, frank!


…. I have missed you SO!!!!

30th of May … Nexflix is releasing season 5 of their brilliant series “House of Cards”. Frank Underwood … with no bone of shame or guilt in his body … will make President Trump be cute as a puppy.


Why I love (true love) this series so much … most of all because of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, that plays his wife Claire.

I have always fancied Kevin Spacey, in my eyes a very sexy man … and the part as Frank Underwood … makes him even sexier. They say power is sexy???!!! If so is there power enough in the world to make Mr Trump sexy?????!!!!


Also that Frank tells us viewer the reason behind his acting and says … in beforehand. And the storyline … the ruthlessness and the lies … the game! I hope that the reality in Washington is far from it. Still I’m very intrigued by it.


Not much is known about the plot of season five, but it is likely to follow on from Frank’s declaration of all-out war on terror group ICO.

Season four ended with Frank promising to “make the terror” in a sadistic attempt to draw attention away from a scandal which was about to engulf the Underwood-Underwood election campaign.


It has been rumoured that Donald Trump will have an influence on Frank’s storyline. Many fans noted similarities between Frank’s chaotic campaign in season four and Trump’s own unconventional election, but the season was filmed before the election.


Season 4 ended with  Claire and Frank,  sitting in the Situation Room at the White House, having witnessed the murder of hostage James Miller at the hands of ICO terrorists. The couple both look into the camera in a joint “breaking the fourth wall” moment, the likes of which we hadn’t seen up until that point.


Frank was shot last season, and his health appeared to be deteriorating, so we’re slightly concerned that the central character is in the firing line this time around. It’s a stretch, but considering how ruthless the show is, and Claire’s recent ambitions to seize control from her husband.


Rumours have been flying around suggesting it’s Francis’ time to go, with some even suggesting that Claire will be the one to carry out the wicked deed. I don’t know … but maybe it’s Claire’s turn this season.

Filming began eight months ago in Baltimore, a permanent fixture in the filming location of the show.



Kevin Spacey – Francis Underwood
Robin Wright – Claire Underwood
Michael Kelly – Doug Stamper
Neve Campbell – Lean Harvey
Curtiss Cook – Terry Womack
Jennifer Leigh Mann – Caroline Miller
Daniel Sauli – Benjamin Grant
Mark Borkowski – Ted Barnes
Farshad Farahat – Yusuf Al Ahmadi


House of Cards season 5 also stars Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Neve Campbell, Derek Cecil, Paul Sparks, and Joel Kinnaman. There is nothing said if there will be another season yet. There is rumours that season 5 will be the last season. I really don’t hope so.

Both Kevin and Robin is also executive producers for the series.


This new season looks to be the Netflix original show’s most intense yet, filled with lies, deceit, violence and plenty of scandalous behaviour. Will the Underwoods win the Presidency? Who are they going to kill off?

“If you don’t like how the table is set,
turn over the table”
Frank Underwood

2 thoughts on “20 days left … welcome back, frank!

  1. Oh you ratbag temptress. You got me hooked on Netflix in Warsaw, “House of cards” particularly, and now when I’ve finally gone cold turkey on all things series, you tell me this!!!

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