just some lovely saturday hours

“I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday”

Today we had a fantastic day for a couple of hours … until around 3.3opm when the clouds started to take over, but it gave me and my friend a chance for a walk down to the castle cafe to enjoy first coffee break al fresco for the year. And my favourite sandwich; goat cheese with walnuts and fig jam. 

The building that the cafe is housed in was built in 1740’s. It has some lovely features. Nice place to meet people. We shared the table with a nice couple from Ven, the little island just outside Landskrona and their dog, Mango.

Not much happened  … we walked through the beautiful allotment area and everybody was busy in with the “garden” – Landskrona has the oldest allotment cottages in Sweden and also the pretties.

The cafe was very busy and it was nice to sit outside with the face against the sun. I haven’t really been out that much that last 3 weeks, so this was so welcome and returned home totally exhausted.  *smile 

Saw a young woman sunbathing in the park …. brave or mad????!!!!! It wasn’t that warm in the wind … but maybe the smartphone and the cigarette kept her warm. *smile

… and we met some other beauties too along our path. The spring came with big steps in before Easter, but then it stopped to develop for nearly 3 weeks .. not until this week it has started to accelerate. Still trees with no green leafs on yet.

It was nice to enjoy a couple of lovely spring hours …. on home grounds.

25 thoughts on “just some lovely saturday hours

    • I hope I’m fully recovered .. but I’m still tired, but no wonder .. been under the duvet for weeks. Yes, it was a lovely spring day. The allotment houses are so cute and expensive. *smile – so was my sandwich … but I was worth it. Have a lovely weekend.

  1. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    looks like you had a wonderful day!
    Having just returned form the sun a couple of days ago I can understand everybody who sunbathes out in the park.
    Get well soon and many hugs xo 🙂

    • Hi there, Girlfriend … I guess that you have been away. I understand why people sunbath in the park, but it was on +14C and the ground must been so cold. I hope she is not going to be sick tomorrow. The wind was chilly. Where did you meet the sun???
      I think I’m up and running now. Wish you a lovely Sunday. TV-hug.

  2. What a lovely sunshiney stroll, Vivi! I think we all needed it. Been freezing here till this afternoon. Glad you’re almost fit again. 🙂 🙂

    • Yes, it was a couple of great hours so long the sun was out. We have it cold over here too … it snow about 4 inc yesterday, not in Landskrona .. but the next county. Fantastic to be back! Thank you *smile

    • Pennies, thank you so much for your lovely comment. And thank for for visiting and taking time to comment. Means a lot to me. Music is such a big part of my every day, so for 4 hours I think it’s that I always give my posts a musiccloud.

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