roses doesn’t have to be red – in memory of my mum

“I don’t know whether nice people tend to grow roses
or growing roses makes people nice.”
Roland A Browne

My mum loved roses and her favourite rose was Memory Lane and it took me a while before I could locate it in the show. So I dedicate this post to my mum that left me in June 2013. A pale lilac rose with shades of yellow and green (rose above). I miss you SO, mum!

I know .. this is the 3rd time I take you back to Keukenhof Garden, which I visit on Easter Monday and I’m afraid there will be another one. This time I will take you to the Oranje Nassau Pavilion, that was filled to the rim of roses … and one thing is for sure –  roses doesn’t have to be red.

Even if in the UK alone, it is estimated that 55 million red roses are sold on Valentine’s Day. 

When looked through my images I notice that I don’t have one image off a red rose, like the white are they so difficult to get any great images off. The petals melt together for me and the red colour never comes out right. So I avoid them. Tried so many times, I think I have been able to capture one red rose successful and that was in Istanbul.

I love roses too, but it’s not a flower that I would buy to decorate my home with … I’m not very lucky with them, so I rather enjoy them on their branches. 

Not even familiar with rose’s names, but I know there is a deep red rose named after Christian Dior and a love pale pink rose named after Lady Di. Jackie Kennedy’s rose is called “First Lady” and also pink. And there is a tiny beautiful honeysuckle coloured rose that we call “honey rose” – but I think its real name is “Hybrid’ – but I’m not too sure, because Google gives me a tea rose, but the one I’m after has 100’s and 100’s of small flowers and a climbing rose .

I found the right name now; Rosa Helenae – it’s my favourite rose anyhow .. but I couldn’t find it in the pavilion. There was so many and my feet was screaming by then. 

I also noticed on the quality of my images that my feet were suffering, had problems with the focusing – but .. it’s what it’s. Roses can be a bit blurry … it makes the image more romantic. At least that is what I have told myself.

Roses are over 35 million years old. Although there are over 150 species of roses, there are not many that are cultivated for sale in the landscaping trade. There is a 1,000-year-old rose bush covering a wall at the German Cathedral of Hildesheim.

The rose became very popular in the 1600’s and there are a couple of antique cultivars still in commerce today from that time period. In the 1700’s and 1800’s, there was an explosion in the popularity of the rose. Currently, there are about 3000 roses in commerce.

Meanings of Rose Colours
Over time, certain rose colours had a special meaning. Here is a list of some of the more common colours and their meanings.
 Red roses mean love, passion and respect.
 Pink roses mean happiness, appreciation, admiration, friendship and sympathy.
 Light pink roses mean grace, joy, gentility and admiration.
 Dark pink roses mean thankfulness.
 Lavender roses symbolise enchantment, and love at first sight.
 White roses mean spiritual love, virginity and purity. They can also mean secrecy, reverence, humility, worthiness, innocence or charm.
 Yellow roses mean friendship, joy, gladness or freedom.
 Coral roses mean desire.
 Peach roses mean modesty.
 Orange roses mean a feeling of enthusiasm, desire and fascination.
 White and red roses mixed together mean unity.
 Red and yellow roses together mean congratulations.
 Red and white roses mean unity.
 Yellow and orange roses mean passionate thoughts.
 Pink and white roses mean enduring love.
 Black roses mean farewell or death.
 Burgundy (and dark red) roses mean unconscious beauty or bashful. (text:

There are over 4,000 songs dedicated to roses. I have tried to find out how many rose names there is in the world, but google comes up blank …  on this website: “helpmefind” – they have endless pages with roses by name and it’s 50 names per page.

Some breeders keep a few roses available for private commission, allowing people like you to choose the official name, for a fee. Prices vary, running up to $10,000 or more.

my Istanbul red

My mum was also a great ballroom dancer …. so I have chosen a ballroom version of “Rosen aus dem Süden” (Roses From the South), which is in original a waltz medley composed by Johann Strauss II. Here is to you, Millan Rubina Evelina!!!

10 thoughts on “roses doesn’t have to be red – in memory of my mum

    • Thank you, Meg … I “talk” to my mum very frequently – and when I see beautiful roses my thoughts goes directly to her. Doesn’t matter where I’m. Thanks for the lovely comment.

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