weekly photo challenge – wanderlust

I spent Easter in the exciting city, Amsterdam ….  I met a full spring even if the weather was very temperamental. I been to Amsterdam 2 times before, but never in the spring and it was such a FAB experience. Had such a great time. I think it’s very difficult to not have a goof time in Amsterdam. A city with big heart and soul.

“To wander is to be alive.”
Roman Payne


29 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – wanderlust

  1. Cheese, clogs and tulips! There are some great snippets of life here, Vivi. You make me want to hop a ferry now! (or a plane 🙂 ) Hope you’re feeling better today?

    • You should go next spring … !!!! I’m feeling a lot better, today will I do some shopping, but I have headache – had for 2 days. Something that I very seldom have.

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    • Anna, thanks for stopping by and … for spending time with me in Amsterdam. It’s a city with tolerance, heart and soul. You will love it. So I really hope you will make it there. *smile

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