weekly quote – life

“If life was easy, where would all the adventure be?”

My image here is from Istanbul, two small stray kittens ready for all the adventures of life and Istanbul.

You that knows me … know that I love music, to use my camera and quotes … so I start here a little new section, Weekly Quote … where I combine all 3 and publish on Saturday. If you want to join in … are you so welcome.

Just create a pingback to your entry. It would be fun if we could start up something … that doesn’t need too much thinking. One quote – one image. If you want to write a little introduction or comment to your choice of image, please do so.  You don’t need to add music!!!!

P.S. If the pingback doesn’t work just copy your entry into a comment box.

10 thoughts on “weekly quote – life

    • Yes, that’s about it … and you create a pingback into your entry – as we do for the weekly photo challenge. Forgotten to give instructions, now added.

    • Meg, you’re more than welcome …. as a consumer. There is so many website to pick quotes from. I have read quotes for 30 years … some a really educational.

  1. 🙂 Hello Wivi,
    what a nice idea.
    Have a very HAPPY start into the new week 🙂 xo

    N.B. Thank you for the postcard from Amsterdam! I always love your cards xo 🙂

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