a hug fits all sizes

Today Stockholm has been hugging … maybe it’s their way to deal with the aftermath … and what a nice way to do it.



@stockholmdirekt. se






“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.”
Bil Keane

10 thoughts on “a hug fits all sizes

  1. What a lovely thing to come from so much sadness, Vivi! We shouldn’t need tragedy to hug each other but it’s beautiful to see. Here come mine, skimming across the waves 🙂 🙂 Are you away for Easter? The Easter bunny sends hugs too!

    • Yes, hugging is a good way to heal through. Yes, leaving for Malmö this afternoon .. for a night on a hotel, because there is no train connection from Landskrona to the airport. Our flight is 08.15 and that means we have to live Landskrona 05.20. So everything is packed and checked in. Amsterdam, here we come. Back on 18th. Never had bunny hugs before … they feel nice. I wish you a lovely Easter and go easy on the Easter Hare …. and the eggs. Egghugs …. !!!!

      • You should be!!! *laughing … yes, we doing Keukenhof – that is the real reason … for the visit. Yes, why not … Amsterdam???? Put on you bucket list. Near .. but hotels are terrible expensive. Happy Easter Hug!!!!

      • Hi there, sunshine … blue sky … and tulips everywhere … I already know that Keukenhof has 7 million bulbs, Monday we will visit the park. Midnight hug from Schimmelstraat in Amsterdam.

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